GoDaddy Launches App For Domain Investors


GoDaddy Launches App For Domain Investors

GoDaddy, which has grown into the world’s largest operator in the domain name aftermarket, announced on 13th January 2016, that they would be launching their very first domain name app for domain investors.

GoDaddy, which has grown into the world’s largest operator in the domain name aftermarket, announced that they would be launching their very first domain name app for domain investors.

The GoDaddy Investor App, which is going to launch on both iOS and Android, will mean that domain name investors can watch domain names, bid on them, and keep track of the auctions and their current bids, all from their chosen mobile device.

Of course, aftermarket domain name auctions are highly time-sensitive and also competitive, and so it is critical for any investor, however, experienced they are, that they can easily participate at any time and from any location.

GoDaddy Investor App Features

The GoDaddy Investor app offers domain name investors a variety of features that have not been previously available:

  • Monitor domain auctions in real time — Domain name investors can use it to monitor a watch list of all active expiry domain name auctions in real time.
  • Bid on domains and get real-time feedback whether you are the highest bidder or have been outbid — Since GoDaddy recognizes that the domain name auctions can be won or lost in a single instant, they have also added an option to have push notifications that can immediately alert investors when they have been outbid on auctions that are closing very soon.
  • See the auction history for each domain, including number of bidders and previous bids — When looking at different auctions, domain name investors are also able to see the auction history for each domain name, and to view the bidding history on each name; they can even see the number of bidders, and the prices of their bids. This will give them much important information on the auctions so that they can make informed choices about their own bidding as quickly and smoothly as possible.
  • View auctions on your watch list — The app also comes with a streamlined and visual dashboard count shows; investors are also able to see at one glance how many auctions different investors have won, bid on, or are watching overall using the app.
  • Place proxy bids — Investors will also be able to place proxy bids on any domain names they want to.
  • Use Auctions PIN or TouchID to reauthenticate — Users can securely reauthenticate with their Auction PIN (Andriod, iOS) or Touch ID (iOS) for better security

You can see screenshots of the app below:

GoDaddy-Launches-App-For-Domain-Investors (imported #31840)

Paul Nicks, GoDaddy’s Senior Director of Aftermarket, said:

“We’ve worked closely with our domain investors to bring the same great investing experience to mobile that they’ve enjoyed on the desktop for years. The new GoDaddy Investor app was designed with the timely nature of domain bids in mind, allowing investors to register valuable pre-owned domain names, win more auctions and keep a closer eye on their bids, no matter where they are.”

The GoDaddy Investor v 1.0 is now available for iPhone and iPad, (iOS 8 and above) and Android phones (4.1 and above) in English-speaking markets.

  • To download GoDaddy Investor for iOS, click here.
  • To download GoDaddy Investor for Android, click here.

How the GoDaddy Investor App Works

  1. gd-app-touch First, you log in to your GoDaddy account. If you have two-step authentication enabled, you will be asked to enter the authentication code.
  2. Then, you can create a PIN, which will be your auction PIN. You use this four digit PIN whenever you place a bid on a domain name through the app. You can also choose to use Touch ID if it is available on your device, which uses your fingerprint to verify any transactions or bids you make.
  3. Then, you’re good to go and begin your investing. One thing to remember is that you can’t add new domain names to your watchlist in the GoDaddy Investor app unless you’ve previously added them through the web interface. This is similar to other setups such as the Namejet app: these apps are designed to make it easier for investors to bid on-the-go and from different locations, rather than to add new domain names to their lists and search for new domains to bid on.

The GoDaddy Investor app is the latest development for GoDaddy within the domain name aftermarket, and one which shows them furthering their mission to expand the role of small businesses through making it possible for many people to run their own websites, and to invest in the domain name economy.

Through the year, GoDaddy has now grown to have more than 13 million customers worldwide, and more than 61 million domain names under their management.

GoDaddy Investor offers an exciting opportunity for many existing investors in this area, as well as new ones from their extensive customer base.

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