Rackspace Intelligence launch improved Basic Graphs


Rackspace Intelligence launch improved Basic Graphs

Rackspace, the web hosting service provider, founded in 1998, has launched a redesign of the Default Graphs feature in Rackspace Cloud Intelligence.

Rackspace, the web hosting service provider, founded in 1998, has launched a redesign of the Default Graphs feature in Rackspace Cloud Intelligence. With the new customizable graphing experience you now get more graphs straight as standard, with the ability to mark frequently used graphs as favorites.

The Rackspace Cloud Intelligence offers customers a visualization platform that is insightful, and customizable: it can tell users the performance of their server, multiple servers, and spot trends in the performance of their website so they can plan for future needs. The feature allows customers to understand truly the performance and behavior of their Rackspace infrastructure.

Basic Graphs

All the new changes to the original Default Graphs available in Rackspace Cloud Intelligence add up to a significantly better service, and to mark the inauguration of this service, Rackspace has decided to give it the new name of “Basic Graphs.”

Intelligence can provide Rackspace customers a real-time and comprehensive overview of the health of their infrastructure at a single glance. Though the original Default Graphs service provided a pre-defined set of most commonly used graphs to the customers, and while this did work for many users, it also had some key limitations.

Firstly, the pre-defined set did not have all the graphs that many users of the Intelligence service would need to use: they might need graphs of Load Average, for example, which were not contained in the original Default Graphs.

Basic Graphs

Instead, users then had to get around this by taking the time to create another custom made graph each time that they wanted to see one of the graphs not supported. This quickly became time-consuming and frustrating for many Rackspace customers.

Secondly, the original Default Graphs had no way for users to create a set of graphs that they could see together and access easily each time they wanted to: many users repeatedly referred to a distinct set of graphs, but the Default Graphs service was not adapted to this.

The New Design

In their new design, both of these problems are addressed. In the new Basic Graphs feature, graphs are available out of the box for all monitoring checks a user has already created an entity. This means that if a Load Average check is created, graphs for that check will be available out of the box.

This means that Rackspace users no longer have to create a new customer graph for every check they perform in one place.

Basic graphs screenshot

This screenshot of the new Basic Graphs shows all of the graphs that are available for graphs checks out of the box.

Additionally, the new Basic Graphs feature means that you can now mark any graph as your favorite, simply by clicking on the star symbol on the graph; you are also able to access all your favorite graphs in the “Favorites” graph collection for quick and easy access.

Of course, in some situations, users may not be able to “Favorite” some graphs: for example, it is not possible to do this for graphs that are on Cloud Databases, and also sometimes users may not have the valid permissions to favorite a graph.

The graphs shown in the Rackspace Default graph collection cannot be dubbed as Favorites from within the collection, but it is possible for a customer to make these graphs out as Favorites from within their respective checks.

All the Default Graphs, which customers have been using, are still available through the Rackspace Default selection. This means that customers don’t have to worry about losing all the information that they have stored in those graphs, and all the important inferences they may draw from it.

Rackspace has continued to prove itself as a contender in the web hosting and computing services market, with its methods of using cloud computing and integrating the industry’s best technologies into a flexible service offering. Founded and still headquartered in Windcrest, Texas, the company is fast becoming global.

This latest development shows Rackspace developing their Cloud Intelligence service further and making it easier for a vast array of businesses and professionals to use this service to improve their businesses. This company has once again shown their technical innovation, and that they continue to adapt their interfaces and services to customer feedback.

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