SingleHop Partners with Veeam for Disaster Recovery as Service


SingleHop Partners with Veeam for Disaster Recovery as Service

SingleHop, a market leader in providing on-demand managed cloud services, announced that it is going to be among the first service providers to fully support Veeam Availability Suit v9.

SingleHop, a market leader in providing on-demand managed cloud services, announced that it is going to be among the first service providers to fully support Veeam Availability Suit v9. This will enable its customers to have fast and secure Disaster Recovery as a service (DRaaS) to protect their mission-critical applications and data in the cloud.

Through the multi-tenancy and also the networking capabilities which have been built into Veeam Cloud Connect, SingeHop can provide full failover capabilities for the virtualized production environments to a remote Disaster Recovery website, and also provides all of the CPU, RAM, storage and networking resources which Disaster Recovery customers need.

This promises to allow customers to avoid the substantial infrastructure costs and complexities that they experience when they maintain their Disaster Recovery websites. Also, it means that SingleHop customers can easy select which workloads they need to replicate to the SingleHop Cloud, straight from their Veeam consoles, rather than to make any changes to the environment themselves.

SingleHop has seen its success grow over the last few years, especially in 2015: the company saw more than 300 percent quarter-over-quarter growth in its business continuity product lines in the last three-quarters of 2015. This has been attributed to the provision SingleHop gives for website backup, as they have a Backup as a Service (Baas) offering; this option is delivered through Veeam Cloud Connect to those customers who are looking to take advantage of the integration that is possible between Veeam and cloud service providers like SingleHop.

Matt Kalmenson, North America Vice President of Service and Cloud Provider Sales for Veeam, said:

“SingleHop is one of the fastest growing Veeam Cloud & Service Provider partners in North America, increasing their commitment to Veeam by more than a factor of 10 in 2015. The company’s innovation, execution, and technical expertise make them a leader among the VCSP partners in our program.”

SingleHop's Veeam-Powered Disaster Recovery service

SingleHop offers a Veeam-Powered Disaster Recovery service that can deliver both a Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO) in only 15 minutes. This is a service tailor made for businesses today, which require 100 percent availability and cannot waste time on downtime and data loss.

Jordan Jacobs, Vice President of Products for SingleHop, said:

“We’re making Disaster Recovery less of a pain point and business risk to our customers. Veeam’s latest DR technology puts reliable, cost effect and secure failover capabilities with a reach of hundreds of thousands of customers. When combined with SingleHop’s enterprise-grade production cloud storage, our joint customers can enjoy a worry-free failover solution. That’s huge for IT administrators struggling to meet strict RTO and RPO objectives set by their managers.”

As part of this service, SingleHop has also developed a secure seeding system that allows customers to transfer securely large amounts of data into SingleHop’s enterprise and production-grade cloud storage without needing to transmit it over the internet, which can take more time, use large amounts of bandwidth, and is not as secure.

Disaster Recovery can suffer differently across each application someone is using, and these differences depend on several factors including the critical nature of the data and also the compliance regulations in their region. SingleHop offer many business cloud-based continuity and DR solutions for their variety of customers to all get an individual service.

SingleHop has been combining enterprise-class solution and also the proprietary automation engine for a while, delivering customized cloud infrastructure and experience for variously sized businesses. The company has a robust portal and also an award-winning automation platform. With this newest development in Disaster Recovery, they show that they are going to continue to be at the forefront of providing web hosting and secure backup and Disaster Recovery services to many businesses in the future.

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