Rackspace Launches ObjectRocket for MongoDB


Rackspace Launches ObjectRocket for MongoDB

Rackspace has just launched ObjectRocket, a pre-configured installation of a high-performance MongoDB Cloud Instance.

Rackspace has just launched ObjectRocket, a pre-configured installation of a high-performance MongoDB Cloud Instance. This not only speeds up the launch of new instances but due to it being based in the Cloud, allows it to scale automatically on demand.

The company first introduced its MongoDB platform in 2015 with their Dedicated ObjectRocket for MongoDB, along with extended storage capabilities with WiredTiger. These new changes build on those improvements, as they strive to strengthen their data-as-a-service solutions.

The new ObjectRocket includes three major updates. Although these could be configured manually (and are not new to MongoDB), Rackspace offers an optimized, easy installation of the features with their custom Cloud Instance:

  • Support for storage engines — This is one of the best developments with the latest version of MongoDB (3.0). It contains significant improvements to performance, efficiency (compression and concurrency) and scalability. ObjectRocket is the first data-as-a-service to offer WiredTiger.
  • Encryption-at-rest — This allows users to encrypt stored inactive data to keep it protected. ObjectRocket is the only Mongo provider to offer this functionality, and this solution will be ideal for "companies looking to solve encryption, gain additional database administration support and add 24-hour monitoring to their databases."
  • Broader disaster recovery support to help users recover databases quickly in the event of a major failure.

Previously, Kenny Gorman, Chief Technologist at Rackspace, and CTO and co-founder of ObjectRocket has already said that Dedicated ObjectRocket for Mongo "allows customers new levels of performance, scale and regulatory compliance options that have no equal in the current marketplace." He continues "Simply put, dedicated ObjectRocket makes MongoDB Sing".

For complex projects, Rackspace is an ideal solution to ensure all the sophisticated technologies perform seamlessly. This is especially important when large amounts of critical data are at stake.

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