Shopify POS for Android Launched in the US and Canada


Shopify POS for Android Launched in the US and Canada

The new Point of Sale App for Android can be downloaded via Google Play and works with both smartphones and tablets.

Shopify has just launched a Point of Sale App for Android, called Shopify POS, which can now be downloaded via Google Play. The new Shopify POS Andriod app works with both phones and tablets. It has been available in iTunes for the iPhone and iPad for some time.

We have summarized the features of the new app below, but Shopify has some detailed tutorials on how to set up and configure the app to take payments, which you can find here.

Shopify POS App Features

The new app has many great features, and fully syncs to your online Shopify store:

  • Synchronize orders with your online store
  • Browse products by collection
  • Search for a specific product
  • Create new products, and add a photo right from your camera or gallery
  • Add a customer to an order to keep track of their purchases
  • Add notes to an order
  • Send Email receipts to your customers
  • Select your location to apply appropriate taxes

Accepting Payments

  • Accept manual or swiped credit cards (US and Canada only)
  • Accept cash payments in person
  • Order a free card reader for use with Shopify POS (US and Canada only)

The Interface

You can see some screenshots of the new app below:

Browse Products

The app makes it very easy to browse your products and add them to the shopping basket.

browse products

View Shopping Basket

Once you have added all the products, you can easily view the Shopping Basket and total price. You can then read this back to the customer before arranging payment.

view basket

Select Payment Type

You can choose between credit card or cash payments.

select payment type

Credit Card Payment

The interface makes it very easy to accept credit cards. Just swipe the card when notified, and all the information will be populated.

credit card payment

Email Receipt

Because no receipts can be physically printed, it is instead sent to the customer by email. This gives you the opportunity to capture all the customer details, including email address.

email receipt

Shopify POS Credit Card Reader

The new app comes with a free Credit Card Reader in the US and Canada, to enable you to accept instantly Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards. Ordering the new reader can be done from within the app after installation. The fees for using Shopify POS, as you can see below:

shopify pos rates

Initial Feedback by Users

Shopify POS — Point of Sale Android Apps on Google Play

The initial feedback from users has been mixed. At the date of this article, a total of 29 reviews has been left, with 18 positives, and 11 not so much. The primary complaint seems to be that the app is missing half the features of the iOS app. Also, feedback implies that the app is only for phones, not tablets (even though the announcement post implies otherwise). We highly recommend checking out some of the comments if you are considering using the app, and maybe even choosing the iOS version instead.

Despite some negative feedback, Shopify is actively monitoring the comments and responding where necessary. It does seem that this app needs a little work, and we have no doubt they will be working on improvements based on feedback.

Images: via Shopify

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