Namecheap Rolls Out SSD Storage on all Shared Hosting Plans


Namecheap Rolls Out SSD Storage on all Shared Hosting Plans

Namecheap has announced that it is rolling out SSD storage to increase performance of all its shared hosting plans.

Namecheap has just announced that SSD Storage is now available on all shared hosting plans. Previously, SSD Storage was only available on its more expensive Business Hosting.

There are many advantages that SSD Storage over traditional HDD storage, including better performance, reliability and more environmentally friendly. Most hosting providers are keen to focus on the performance benefits, because the difference is significant, and that matters. That being said, the other two points are worth a quick mention:

  • Better Reliability — Because SSD's have no moving parts they suffer less wear and tear than traditional HDD's. Also, should a failure occur, their increase throughput will allow restorations and migrations to be performed significantly faster.
  • Greener — SSD's produce much less heat than HDD's. With cooling being a major part of the data center's costs, this means less power has to be expended to keep the servers cool.

SSD Hosting gives better performance

We previously created some charts showing just how much faster SSD Hosting is, which we reproduce below for ease of reference. Both in terms of latency (how quickly a webpage is returned), and in terms of throughput (how much traffic can be retrieved from storage at any one time) the figures are impressive and clear.

SSD Hosting Latency

Latency ssd vs hdd

Latency under load

The significant thing to note is that the Latency under load is magnified when using SSD Storage. With Shared Hosting servers often hosting many hundreds, if not thousands (no more powerful servers) that SSD storage will make a significant difference in that environment.

SSD Hosting I/O and Throughput

IO performance ssd vs hdd SSD vs Hdd throughput

Namecheap had this to say:

We know how valuable data speed can be, both for your sensitive business info as well as your personal peace of mind. That’s why we use only top-of-the-line Dell hardware in conjunction with the industry’s most advanced SSD drives, to give you rocket-powered site performance, making Namecheap hosting technology up to 50% faster than the competition. It’s not exactly rocket science, just rocket-fast.

The New Namecheap SSD Hosting Plans

Namecheap has a strategy of heavily discounting the first year of hosting, so their Value plan is only $9.88 for the first year and $38.88 after that (less with these discounts). For SSD Hosting, we think you will find it difficult to get anything cheaper, especially at a reputable hosting provider. You can see all the details of the new plans below: hosting plans

Namecheap now with PHP 7

As a side note, we noticed when looking at their new SSD Hosting plans that they have now implemented PHP 7 on all of their hosting plans. PHP 7 is significantly faster than earlier versions (see these benchmarks), so we highly recommend updating the PHP version after purchase (it will not be set by default).

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