Squarespace and Wix Face Off in the Superbowl Commercials


Squarespace and Wix Face Off in the Superbowl Commercials

This year (2016), at the Superbowl 50, there will be a competition in the commercials shown, between website builders Wix and Squarespace.

This year (2016), at the Superbowl 50, there will be a competition in the commercials shown, between website builders Wix and Squarespace.

As we already reported here, Wix is planning an advertising campaign which will span both a video commercial and social media, for the Superbowl. Now, it also seems that Squarespace will be taking another of the commercial slots at the Superbowl, and going head to head with their competitor.

Squarespace At The Superbowl

This is the third appearance at the Superbowl for Squarespace: they first made their commercial debut there in 2013, and they went for a relatively straightforward, explanatory advert last year, which starred the American actor Jeff Bridges, and also encouraged viewers to go to a microsite to find out more information about the advertising campaign, and about Squarespace services.

Squarespace SuperBowFor the new 2016 campaign, the company will be using a different strategy; Squarespace remain relatively quiet about what exactly the commercial will involve, but it does seem they are going for a lighthearted, funny approach. This can be worked out by simply looking at who they are going to star in the commercial: the comedians Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele.

The two are most notably known for their sketch comedy for the TV channel Comedy Central, and in the new commercial, they will play "ridiculous characters" according to the Squarespace founder and CEO, Anthony Casalena.

Casalena said:

"They're two guys who pour all of their passion into a crazy idea, and use Squarespace to bring it to life."

The commercial slot at the Superbowl will cost Squarespace around $5 million. But, it is widely seen as a very good investment from any business's marketing point of view: last year, nearly 1 million people went to visit the Jeff Bridges microsite after seeing or hearing about the Superbowl commercial in which it was featured.

It also got lots of additional press coverage due to the actor's high profile, as Squarespace CEO acknowledges:

"Jess was promoting a movie, so he was asked about it on Jimmy Kimmel. It was crazy."

Squarespace In Competition With Wix

This advertising campaign will see Squarespace go head to head at the Superbowl, and as their other regular Superbowl competitor, GoDaddy, is not showing a commercial there this year, they will be directly competing. Both their adverts will air on the 7th February 2016, and the competition promises to be interesting.

Wix Chief Marketing Office says of the competition:

"We are actually focusing on ourselves and the story we want to tell and less about our competitors."

When asked about the head to head, Squarespace CEO, Casalena, welcomed the competitive atmosphere, saying:

"We're totally fine with there being aggressive competition in the space. I think that for a consumer, one of the things that we hope to do with the advertisement is connect with people's values."

Many web hosting companies have been making very eye catching and heavily publicized adverts. Squarespace reportedly spent around $25.2 million on advertising in 2014, and $21.1 million in the first nine months of 2015, according to Kantar Media. Then, there is GoDaddy, who raised eyebrows back in 2005 with their raunchy commercial at the Superbowl, which would become its trademark at the event for many years. That being said, GoDaddy is due to missing this Superbowl, the first time in a decade after appointing MEC as its new media agency.

This latest news shows how valuable advertising with large platforms like the Superbowl is becoming to web hosting companies, and also shows how the increasing number of web hosting providers gaining publicity could mean more choice is available to potential customers. This competition at the Superbowl will be an intriguing one, and it will be interesting to see whether Wix or Squarespace harness the marketing power of the Superbowl commercial slot the most.

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