Best of DreamHost in 2015

It’s been a big year for DreamHost, as in 2015 they reached the grand old age of 18. We’ve rounded up some of their best achievements of 2015 here, as we consider what might be next for “the Dream”.

It’s been a big year for DreamHost, as in 2015 they reached the grand old age of 18, and also said goodbye to their Chief Executive of over 4 years, Simon Anderson.

Speaking to The New York Times as far back as 2013, Anderson talked about DreamHost’s values as a company being “an open mind policy”, and “shameless honesty”; values which have propelled DreamHost this year.

They have come a long way from the company started by four undergraduates in California. We’ve rounded up some of their best achievements of 2015 here, as we consider what might be next for “the Dream”.

SSDs Launched on VPS Servers

Back in November 2014, DreamHost announced what they dubbed the “next generation” of their DreamHost VPS, and it proved to be just that. They added Solid State Drives to the Virtual Private Servers, after consulting customers about what they wanted. It also came with a brand-new hardware platform estimated to speed websites up by 200 percent.

Comparison with DreamHost SSDs

Managed Hosting on VPS is available now from $15, and sizes vary from 1GB to 8GB, with disk capacity starting at 30GB and automatically adjusting so you can have up to 240GB of memory. What we like about this is that you can pay by the minute, so only get billed for what you use. Then, DreamHost also gave their Shared, Dedicated, and Managed WordPress Hosting products SSD storage too.

Supporting Women in Tech

We all know that women are underrepresented in the technology industry, so it was heartening to see DreamHost tackling this problem head on, and getting involved with the #WomenInTech movement. They attended events like BlogHer conference, a three-day conference held at the Hilton Times Square in New York City, which showcased some of the most talented female personalities on the web.

Women in Tech at Dream Host

They also reached out to the nonprofit group Girl Develop It, inviting them in to hold their meetings. Girl Develop It is dedicated to providing women with space and support to learn about software development, and their Los Angeles Social Night, hosted at the Los Angeles DreamHost office, was reportedly a great success, and showed the company welcoming the organization and their work.

DreamPress 2 — Managed WordPress Hosting

One of the biggest events in 2015 for DreamHost was the launch of their fastest WordPress Web Hosting platform so far, DreamPress 2. They redesigned this product entirely, creating a new Operating System, updating PHP 5.5 with OPcache, optional Hip-hop Virtual Machine (HHVM), and speedy Solid State Drives.

DreamPress Spec

While the original DreamPress was somewhat outmatched by others in the business, DreamPress 2 comes with some handy features, such as DreamHost being both a host and a domain registrar, which makes setting up a brand-new website nice and simple. DreamPress 2 also comes up great when you’re looking for speed and security, with quick loading times for pages, and a dedicated Web Application Firewall, Fail2ban, to protect your website.

DreamHost Wiki Makeover

Customers who have been using DreamHost for any length of time will have noticed that the customer support wiki needed some work — and DreamHost noticed too. In 2015, they completely overhauled the Wiki and streamlined various pages to make them clearer and more helpful to you all. In total, 400 pages were updated, and hundreds more were deleted as they had become irrelevant; new content was also added where needed, and the whole Wiki is now much more condensed and easier to navigate.

DreamHost Wiki

The Wiki team also took at look at the structure of the information: as MediaWiki is open for all users to add to, the pages did not follow any continual structure, making the whole thing a little confusing. This has now been sorted, with DreamHost redoing the formatting on each page as they went, to make them look uniform. The wiki is now far easier to use, and should help customers much more when they hit issues.

Brand-new Control Panel Design

Throughout 2015, DreamHost seems to have constantly been redesigning everything, and their Control Panel is no different: they gave it a new logo and overhauled Their previous Control Panel had been the same since 2007, so by 2015 a new one was probably in order, and DreamHost didn’t disappoint.

The new design is intended to fit all different screen sizes, and to be equally fast and responsive whatever device you’re using. The result looks great, but DreamHost aren’t stopping there: they’re planning additional usage metrics, streamlining, consolidating, user journeys and reorganization to further improve your experience.

DreamHost Control Panel

Node and Passenger Support on VPS

Node and Passenger Support

DreamHost also now offer Node.js and Passenger support, which is a break from the previous setup. Before this, DreamHost customers were able to write their own apps using HTML, JavaScript, and PHP, but with these newly launched technologies, it’s easy to choose a favorite environment to put their code online. Now, DreamHost customers aren’t limited to any one format but can choose how their code makes it onto the internet.

They Turned 18 Years Old!

In 2025, DreamHost celebrated its 18th birthday! They marked the occasion by taking a look back at their history from the very beginning when they were founded in 1997. We enjoyed the array of amusing (for us) and probably embarrassing (for them) photos of the founders and team way back before the 2000s. The best celebration, though, came when the company celebrated their birthday by offering brand-new and existing customer .xyz domains for only $1, allowing loads of new and existing customers to expand their presence online.

First Transparency Report

In a world where internet security is becoming an increasing concern — for everyone, not just DreamHost customers — the first ever Transparency Report from DreamHost offered us a way to look at anything we might find significant about the company. Split into three sections; it lists all government requests from 2014: search warrants, subpoenas, and court orders.

DreamHost Report

There are also explanations of each one, and what it all means, making the whole thing very easy to understand. On their blog, DreamHost said: “we want to show you with deliciously cold, hard facts that we care about you, and will always have your back! Basically, we don’t and will not ever give out private customer data all willy-nilly to anyone who asks for it!”

Of course, DreamHost now has over 400, 000 customers and hosts over 1.5 million websites — so naturally they receive a lot of government requests from worldwide agencies. Click here to read the full and comprehensive 2014 Transparency Report.

So, 2015 has been an eventful year for DreamHost, and one which promises that they will continue to be an exciting presence in the web hosting industry for years to come. With their focus on speed, ease of use, and also transparency with their customers, the future must hold some exciting thing for them.

Now that Simon Anderson is leaving DreamHost to pursue other things, we will keep an eye out for who might replace him as the company’s Chief Executive, and we’ll all be intrigued to see what 2016 holds for DreamHost, now redesigned and ready for the new year.

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