2015 Cloud Security Survey — Businesses Concerned about Security


2015 Cloud Security Survey — Businesses Concerned about Security

The most recent 2015 Cloud Security Survey conducted by auditing solution software provider, Netwrix Corporation indicates that companies are still worried about the security of cloud storage.

The most recent 2015 Cloud Security Survey conducted by auditing solution software provider, Netwrix Corporation indicates that companies are still worried about the security of cloud storage.

netwrixThe survey suggests that 65 percent of companies asked are still concerned about changing their storage from “on-premise” methods like standard file storage (in-house servers) to online methods like the cloud, and 40 percent are worried about losing control of data they place in the cloud.

The Netwrix Cloud Security Survey interviewed 600 IT teams from companies around the world who use the cloud for storage; the companies come from a wide variety of sectors, including government institutions, financial businesses, manufacturing companies, and those in the technology and education sectors.

Safety of Data Is the Biggest Concern

Cloud Use

Overwhelmingly, the worries about migrating from “on-premise” to online storage were not centered on how much money the change costs: though 19 percent of midsize businesses and 21 percent of small business had this concern, a number much lower than those worried about security.

Security and privacy were the biggest concern identified by the report, with the data showing 63 percent of midsize companies and 63 percent of small businesses were worried about it. Second to this issue for businesses was the idea of losing physical control over data stored in the cloud, with 43 percent of midsize businesses concerned, along with 36 percent of small businesses.

Increased Security Would Encourage Cloud Use

Of course, cyber security has long been a concern for businesses, but this new survey demonstrates that what concerns companies is not the idea of the cloud, but its finer points, like how much auditing is conducted and how secure it is. Indeed, 66 percent of all businesses asked said that they thought the most important practice to adopt before migration to the cloud was to “have a well-defined architecture for security.”

Cloud Protection

The biggest factor which encourages those skeptical of cloud adoption to migrate their storage is also security: 30 percent of all the companies surveyed said they would reconsider the cloud if its security were improved. Furthermore, 71 percent of enterprises thought that continuous auditing of the cloud was very important in its guarantees of security and data integrity.

Alex Vovk Vovk, CEO, and co-founder of Netwrix, said:

“We wanted to find out the exact reasons that prevent companies from cloud adoption and taking advantage of all the benefits it offers. The survey revealed the interesting fact that even though the cloud is not a new technology, the cloud market has a good potential to grow further. Advanced security solutions and true visibility into what is going on across the cloud infrastructure will help companies minimise security risks, take back control over business-critical assets and accelerate cloud adoption.”

Cloud Provision Is Still An Expanding Market

The study shows overall that though businesses, in general, have grown more comfortable with using computing to store their data, they remain unconvinced by the finer points of this method. If those operating it wish the cloud market to expand, as Vovk says it can, they will have to tighten up on security — and relay the message to businesses that they have.

Small or Large Businesses and Cloud

Interestingly, the survey did not find a vast difference between small and midsize business — indicating further that it is security, not financial concerns or the time required to migrate, which hold enterprises back from the cloud.

However, the use of new and innovative security and data storing solutions seems still to be growing: 30 percent of organizations are already utilizing improved cloud safety, and there are another 40 percent prepared to invest in additional safety measures if they are available. The business sector seems ready and willing to migrate to new forms of data storage as soon as they become safer.

Companies Favour Regular Cloud Audits

Cloud Audits

Netwrix themselves could have something to gain from these survey results, as they are of course a company providing IT auditing software. They deliver maximum visibility into any IT infrastructure changes and data access; over 150, 000 companies worldwide currently rely on Netwrix to audit these changes and to support their IT departments.

Founded in 2006, Netwrix has already gained acclaim, winning over 70 industry awards; it was also named on both the Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and the Inc. 5000 lists of the fastest growing companies in the US. 51 percent of all the companies asked said they planned to improve their security by using encryption. Companies like Netwrix could see a significant growth of their market share as a result.

Even with security improvements, however, 13 percent of larger businesses reject the idea of moving to the cloud; it is unclear whether this decision is sparked by the perception of low security demonstrated in the study.

What is clear is that for the majority of those in business, the cloud could be a great option for storing data and increasing company efficiency, but enterprises will only see these advantages if regular auditing and safety are prioritized. This market has a potential to grow, as Vovk argues, but first, cloud providers must make it clear that they can provide safety and control over data stored this way.

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