CEO Of DreamHost Simon Anderson Steps Down


CEO Of DreamHost Simon Anderson Steps Down

Chief Executive of DreamHost, Simon Anderson, has left the company on amicable terms as of 25th November 2015. He will pursue his own company, Akanda.

As of the 25th November 2015, there is an amicable split between Simon Anderson and the company he spearheaded for almost five years. During his time at DreamHost, he helped raise their annual revenue to $50 million.

On the 24th November 2015, shortly before his move was officially announced, Anderson told Fortune magazine he would be going, and said that he had been working with DreamHost’s board to make sure there was a smooth transition in his absence.

Anderson also said that this development had been a mutually agreed parting of the ways and that his only significant disagreement with the company during his time there had been his desire to seek more growth funding while they were unwilling.

simon anderson Dreamhost (imported #30413)Since it was co-founded by Josh Jones, Michael Rodriquez, Sage Weil and Dallas Bethune, DreamHost has mostly remained self-funded, and its founders wished this to continue.

Anderson said of this issue: “It’s their right as founders to take a different view. It’s their company that they’ve built for 18 years.”

In a blog post written on DreamHost’s website on his last day as CEO, Anderson spoke of his time at the business with great affection, saying:

“I am very thankful today. It is four years and five months to the day since I joined DreamHost as CEO. And it has been an inspiring, fulfilling, collaborative, enduring adventure with the founders and the team ... I am most thankful for and proud of each and every one of the DreamHost team, who have given their all for each other — and for our community of customers. This is a company of friends as much co-workers, where we care about each other, learn together, and grow from every success or failure. This is the uniquely fulfilling work environment that I think we all look for deep down.”

Anderson initially became DreamHost CEO in 2011, after being democratically elected by the employees. In a striking move, DreamHost co-founders allowed each member of their company to meet possible CEO candidates, speak to them and then decide who they preferred. He was also introduced to customers with a novel news release praising his “powerful Australian accent and movie-star jawline.”

Where is Anderson Headed After DreamHost?

Akanda The former DreamHost CEO is also leaving his place on the OpenStack Foundation board, and will be replaced by Jonathan LaCour, although he has been reported saying that he may run as an independent candidate for the board next year. He has also co-founded Akanda, a company providing commercial support for open-source technology; the co-founders of Akanda include DreamHost vice president LaCour.

As Anderson moves onto other things, DreamHost is still looking for a replacement CEO. As yet there is no information as to who will replace Anderson, but the former CEO has said that DreamHost’s board and management are searching for a Chief Executive or General Manager, and he is still helping them to transition.

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