GoDaddy Buys Worldwide Media, Inc. Domain Name Portfolio


GoDaddy Buys Worldwide Media, Inc. Domain Name Portfolio

On December 7th 2015 GoDaddy acquired 70,000 domain names by buying Worldwide Media Inc.'s portfolio, expanding its role as a provider to small businesses.

On December 7th, 2015, GoDaddy expanded its work as a technology provider to small businesses by announcing an acquisition of most domain names in the Worldwide Media, Inc. domain names portfolio. The new domain names are all now available on

In total, GoDaddy has taken over approximately 70,000 domain names, including,, and They have also taken over many domain names which are specifically aimed at small businesses, such as,, and All of these names are now readily available to anyone who wishes to purchase them and enhance their online presence.

In a statement, GoDaddy said:

"GoDaddy is focused on making sure our customers get the perfect online name for their business or passion, so we're always looking at ways to improve what domain names our customers can register," said GoDaddy Senior Vice President and General Manager Mike McLaughlin. "Our plan is to make these names accessible to small businesses. Worldwide Media, Inc.'s founder Michael Berkens has assembled an incredible portfolio of names and has been such an integral part of the domain name aftermarket for so many years."

GoDaddy is planning to list most of the domain names on the Afternic Fast Transfer Network (DLS). Back in 2013, GoDaddy purchased Afternic, and the company now operates an extensive premium domain name reseller network; this network includes 18 of the Top 20 registrars.

So, when a customer searches for a domain name, Afternic provides either the exact name, or a list of similar alternative choices which are available for sale. The domain names can be bought by the customer then and there, and they can have it show up in their account in seconds by using the Afternic Fast Transfer Network.

Afternic Buy Domains

To buy one of the domain names, simply go to the Afternic website, and search for a name you like: the site’s search mechanism will ensure you find that name, or the most similar one available. You can pay the “Buy Now” price, which guarantees you possession of the domain name, or click the “Make Offer” button to start bidding for a name. Search in Afternic

All of the names will appear in this easily understood table, and so customers can see the minimum offer they must make for each individual domain name in the very right-hand column. This simply layout ensures that customers have clear information when looking for and purchasing a domain name, and so getting an online presence is much easier for small businesses than in the past.

Buy Afternic

It is also possible to sell a domain name using Afteric, by joining through their website: the right-hand menu lists options including “Selling Domains”, and there are instructions to follow for those wanting to do so. After creating an account, potential sellers can then list their domain names on Afternic and simply pay a commission to the company when the sale goes through.

Sell domains Afternic

The deal between GoDaddy and Worldwide Media Inc is intended to offer GoDaddy users a wider range of domain names to choose from, and those buying from Afternic now have a vast array of choice.

Michael Berkens, founder, and owner of Worldwide Media Inc, who has built his domain portfolio over 18 years, said:

"Since 1997, I've worked every day on building my domain name portfolio. Now it's time to focus on my other endeavors as well as family and friends. I'm extremely proud of the portfolio I built and the domain name industry has never been stronger. This is a win-win for everyone involved."

GoDaddy certainly looks to profit from this move, and it is not the first time they have bought large amounts of domain names. Since their ownership of Afternic began, GoDaddy has also acquired the domain name portfolio of the company Marchex, buying it for a reported $28.1 million. This acquisition consisted of 200,000 domain names. GoDaddy Stock Prices

The GoDaddy stock prices have improved since the move was announced, with the stock rising 4 percent only hours after GoDaddy made their announcement. According to Yahoo Finance, GoDaddy’s market capitalization on the day of the domain names announcement was $5.27 billion, and so the company has clearly increased their value and prospects with this move.

The company now claims it is the world’s largest domain name registrar, managing over 61 million domains and with 13 million customers internationally.

This development shows GoDaddy competing even more in the market of domain names, as the company continues to work toward being the global leader in technology services for small businesses looking to have an online presence. The domain names are now on sale, and this move seems to be another expansion in a growing company.

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