WebHostingPad launches new cheap WordPress hosting plans


WebHostingPad launches new cheap WordPress hosting plans

WebHostingPad has recently launched their new WordPress Hosting product, bringing increased resources, better security (including Malware scanning), premium backups and SSD Database storage for improved performance.

WebHostingPad has recently launched their new WordPress hosting product, bringing increased resources, better security (including malware scanning), premium backups and SSD database storage for improved performance.

We are unsure of the exact launch date for the new service, as surprisingly, WebHostingPad made no announcement.

Three WebHostingPad WordPress hosting plans have been launched. They range from $2.99 per month for five websites to $5.99 per month for 25 websites, although that includes the initial discount get with our offers. You can see a summary of the new hosting plans below:


One of the interesting things to note is the amount of CPU resources allocated to each plan, along with an estimated number of page view per month.

WebHostingPad commented on the new hosting plans:

Our high-performance WordPress hosting is focused around speed, reliability, and security, empowering your sites to run faster and more securely than ever before.

What WordPress features are WebHostingPad promoting?

With the new plans being promoted for their speed, reliability, and security it is worthwhile taking a closer look at the details:

1. Advanced Security

All plans include automatic malware scanning, including free malware removal, should any be found. They state that if any malware is found it is automatically quarantined keeping your website and business safe. The removal relates to those quarantined files, rather than a professional malware removal service. It is possible that your website will break (or at least some functionality may break) when those files are removed. Fortunately, you will be alerted by email, and you will have the option to check out your website, and if necessary restore from a backup. WebHostingPad takes weekly backups with their WordPress hosting, although you can still take backups via the cPanel dashboard on demand.

Unfortunately, no mention is given as to what software or service they use to do this. We doubt that any partnership with premium security firms such as Sucuri could be achieved with the price they charge, and as such we wonder if it is just the default cPanel software that they are relying on here or some other more basic script \ service.

That being said, their detailed blog post on the subject did explain how their Automatic Malware Scanning and Quarantine feature works. Every time you upload a file to your account, it is scanned for malicious code. This will help in two ways; firstly prevent themes, plugins or other files being uploaded that contains malware from being uploaded, or secondly if a theme or plug in is compromised in any way it will prevent any malicious files being uploaded by anyone looking to take advantage of that.

If malware is found, you will be sent an email so that you can deal with the problem. After 24 hours those files are automatically removed from the quarantine area.

2. Superior Speed

Unlike most WordPress hosting services, not full SSD hosting is offered. Only the database is stored on SSD storage. This is an excellent balance between performance and cost, as it is the database that benefits the most from the faster storage.

While we would now highly recommend using full SSD hosting, this is a great compromise if you are on a limited budget.

3. Specialist WordPress Support

It remains to be seen quite how much specialist support will be offered. We understand that Webhostingpad's support is outsourced, and as such we wonder exactly what the scope their support would be. We will have to wait for user reviews to be left about their new service to find out more, but they do indicate it would cover helping to install new plugins and troubleshooting theme issues.

Can it really be classed as WordPress hosting?

To us, there are two types of WordPress hosting:

  • Firstly, you have unmanaged WordPress hosting, which includes an optimized server and some special WordPress related features. A great example of this is SiteGround (although certain aspects of their hosting are verging on Managed).
  • Secondly, you have Managed WordPress Hosting, where the server is highly optimized, the "installation" is customized with restrictions placed on which plugins you can install, and there are usually other great features. Managed hosting is much more expensive, starting at around $30 p.m. for one install.

So when it comes to WebHostingPad describing their new product as WordPress hosting, and starting from just $2.99 per month we have some doubts. Sure, it has a few extra features, and they advertise specialist support, but it doesn't have an optimized environment (apart from SSD Databases), nor any special features apart from third-party malware scanning.

They have always been known (at least in our eyes) for the budget nature of their hosting, but you can get much better Hosting for very little extra. Sure some of their extra features (such as more computing power (CPU)), and Automatic Malware Removal is great, it is just that proper WordPress hosting plans are in a different league.

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