Google plans £1 billion investment in UK


Google plans £1 billion investment in UK

Google has announced plans to open a new headquarters in London, UK, with around 3000 new jobs being created. The total cost of the investment is to be around £1 billion.

Google has announced plans to open a new headquarters in Londong UK. The investment could cost around £1 billion and create 3000 jobs, and is seen as a major boost to the UK post-brexit and to the technology industry.

In an interview with the BBC, Sundar Pichai, Google's chief executive said that the UK was still an attractive place to do business. Even though the terms of Brexit is far from clear, Pichai stressed that open borders and free movement for skilled migrants were "asolutely" important for the success of the technology industry within the UK.

Google already has a number of properties in the UK:

  • They have three offices in London, two being in Victoria, and one in Holborn.
  • They have one office in Manchester.
  • Google also operates Campus, which provides space for technology and media startups as part of London's Tech City Project.

With the new London headquarters, to be located on 2.4 acres of land behind King's Cross Station, they will be able to bring all their London staff under one roof. The new building has apparently been redesigned several times because it was "too boring", even though it contained an indoor football pitch, private climbing wall and a rooftop pool. You can see below an artists impression of the new London HQ:

New Google London HQ
Artist Impression of the New London HQ. Source: Google

The new building will no doubt be as bright and quirky as their other London offices which contain among other things, and indoor artificial garden complete with sun lounges, or a bright red London bus.

You can see a glimpse of the other London Offices below:

London YouTube office
London YouTube Office. Source: Google
London Office
Artificial Garden at Google London Office. Source: Google

According to their London Careers page, London is one of their largest sales and engineering hubs, tackling everything from developing new Android designs, to advanced machine learning.

Their job listings for London include a vast range of positions, from administrative, development, software engineers, management to more creative professions.

The sheer quantity, and quality of talent that Google requires explains the remarks made by Pichai to the BBC:

The innovation we see here, the talent we have available here and how on the cutting edge of technology we are able to be here makes it an incredible place for us to invest.

According to The Guardian, London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, has welcomed the announcement, saying:

This is a vote of confidence in our great city — creating high-skilled jobs, supporting growth and demonstrating that London is open to business, new investment and talent from around the globe.

London is one the world’s leading technology hubs and investment into the capital post-Brexit remains robust, so Google’s expansion will further strengthen our city’s reputation as a global leader in digital technology.

Back in June, Google leased an 11-storey building next door (6 St Pancras Square) to the new headquarters from BNP Paribas Real Estate, even though it had delayed a decision on whether to proceed with the new development. In addition, Google has also purchased another neighboring building (7 St Pancras Square), already home to its AI research lab, DeepMind.

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