Linode Opens Second Tokyo Datacenter


Linode Opens Second Tokyo Datacenter

Cloud hosting provider Linode has opened its second, and better Tokyo datacenter to meet the growing needs of its customers in the Asia-Pacific region.

Linode, last week, opened a second datacenter in Tokyo, its third in the region, and ninth worldwide. The new datacenter was designed to meet the increase in hosting needs of customers in the Asia-Pacific region, extending the capacity of its existing datacenters in Tokyo and Singapore.

Linode was hit by severe DDoS attacks last December that crippled its infrastructure. While they have already undertaken significant upgrades to prevent similar attacks happening again, the new Tokyo datacenter continues to strengthen their resilience.

According to DataCenterKnowledge, the ability to switch the hypervisors hosting the virtual server instances from Xen to KVM, increase bandwidth, and connect to multiple diverse transit providers will significantly help against future DDoS attacks and other unforeseen technical issues.

“We were the target of some DDoS attacks earlier this year, and the Tokyo 2 transit configuration implements many safeguards which prevent or reduce the impact of attacks,” said Brett Kaplan, Linode’s data center operations manager, in a message to Data Center Knowledge Tuesday. “The amount of bandwidth we have now gives us headroom for when we are attacked again. We also have multiple diverse transit providers which can help in the event of DDoS attacks, congestion, and cable cuts.”

Features of the new Tokyo 2 datacenter include the following:

  • Use of multiple transit providers and settlement-free peers to provide high levels of bandwidth, coupled with extremely low latency, especially to China.
  • KVM hypervisor, providing clients with access to all plans (something that was not the case with Tokyo 1 datacenter), including free upgrades and the 2GB RAM plan for $10 per month.
  • Doubled RAM, SSD servers and mass availability upgrade compared to Tokyo 1

With the demand being extremely high for Tokyo-based Linodes, the new datacenter will ensure sufficient capacity to grow. Furthermore, existing Tokyo clients can request migration to the new datacenter by opening a support ticket.

Brett Kaplan, Linode’s datacenter operations manager, said that it took some time to determine the best datacenter to base their servers, but that "we came up with something that will exceed our customers’ expectations." 

"Tokyo 2 represents a significant investment in the needs of the developers, entrepreneurs and businesses who choose Linode as their cloud service provider," said Linode CEO Christopher Aker. "We are continuously striving to provide the best possible uptime, bandwidth, processing power, security, affordability and customer service for our clients. Tokyo 2 will have it all."

The new datacenter announcement comes hot of the heels of internet capacity upgrades at all their other facilities. All their facilities are now multihomed with several tier-1 transit providers and the largest peering exchanges in the world. This is a significant step up for Linode, where they now manage their own true service provider network. One of the failing aspects identified in their prior DDoS attacks was the overconfidence in the statements made by datacenter providers.

For the more technical minded, the upgrades included utilizing new Cisco ASR 9000 series edge routers, allowing Linode to scale to many terabits of capacity at each datacenter if required. Currently, each datacenter utilizes several hundred gigabits of transit and peering, with more planned.

The benefits of these upgrades are as follows:

  • Ability to manage the network independently, including manage re-routing.
  • Increased IP capacity by 5-10 times
  • Future expansion capability with high capacity edge routers.
  • Future possibilities such as inter-datacenter connectivity, per-customer VLANs and Anycase announcements.

It is clear that the DDoS attacks last December were a serious wake-up call for Linode. They have clearly answered that call, and now look to thrive with more capacity, resilience, and future possibilities.

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