HostDime excels with Local Youth Outreach


HostDime excels with Local Youth Outreach

HostDime to provide scholarships, programs and STEM training for local Eatonville students

HostDime have in recent months carried out multiple events designed to encourage and educate young, technology-minded students in the local areas surrounding its brand-new datacenter and offices, which broke ground on the 16 November, 2016.

We will discuss briefly a couple of the recent events shortly, but it is useful to comment on the new program to help local students first. STEM, the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is a program designed to educate students in these four disciplines. 

While only a few events have so far taken place, the new datacenter will be integral to promoting this program within the local area of Orlando, in Eatonville. Manny Vivar, VP of Global Operations, said:

When we designed this facility, we kept the local education system and community in mind. We are creating a ‘how-it-works’ space in the facility so young students can be exposed to the behind-the-scenes of how a data center works and how it powers the cloud. We strongly believe this will ignite the curiosity of young students in the wide area of technology that is vital to the STEM agenda. We certainly want to do our part in opening our facility up to these students and the educational community.

While many of the larger web hosting providers do offer schemes for students, community sponsorship, HostDime is the only one we are aware of that actively engages with the younger generation locally to distill an interest in science and technology.

Once their new Headquarters has been built, HostDime plans to provide scholarships, programs, and STEM training for Eatonville students and residents. A worthy cause indeed, and hopefully will create a whole generation of students interested in technology.

Let's take a look at a couple of past events HostDime have attended or hosted:

#1 Eleven Year Old Future Software Engineer Visits DimeNOC

keeganThe first event, was the visit of 11 year old Keegan to HostDime’s DimeNOC data center in Orlando, a local resident of Eatonville, home of the currently-in-build (and quite frankly stunning) new headquarters. Keegan wants to be a software engineer when he is older, so HostDime kindly let him tour their old datacenter, and meet the DevOps and Integrations crew.

HostDime techs answered all of Keegans questions, gave him a list of subjects and websites he should be following, as well as a goody bad including a branded Tumbler, sunglasses, lanyard and a HostDime Alex(?). You can see a photo to the right of Keegan being presented with a book on Linux Programming.

#2 HostDime’s VP of USA Operations Dennis Henry visited Robinswood Middle School

The second event involved the VP of USA Operations, Dennis Henry, visiting Robinswood Middle School to meed the SWAG club, or Students Who Admire Greatness Club.

According to SWAG club founder Candace Finley of Robinswood Middle School, the clubs purpose is to build student self-esteem and awareness through STEM, and other related career activities:

This organization provides students with the development of positive relationships with their peers and other professionals in the fields of interest and the opportunity to build professional relationships with individuals in the specific fields of STEM.

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