SiteGround 2016 Annual Satisfaction Survey Results Published


SiteGround 2016 Annual Satisfaction Survey Results Published

SiteGround has published the results of their 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey, revealing a satisfaction rate of 96.8 percent, a 1.8 percent increase over the previous year.

SiteGround has published the results of their 2016 Client Satisfaction Survey. The latest results (96.8 percent) show a significant increase over the previous year's 95 percent. This is particularly impressive considering they doubled their client-base over this period.

SiteGround have carried out the surveys for each of the last five years, and later in this article, we will show a chart showing the increase in satisfaction for each of these years. First, however, we will comment on the latest set of results.

Over 96 percent satisfaction rate

SiteGround measure their customer rating by reference to four key factors; security, uptime, speed and support. The average of all the results for 2016 reveals a 96.8 percent satisfaction rate, which by any standards is extremely good. You can see the breakdown in the chart below:

 customer satisfaction 2016 siteground

We are a little surprised with the 94.4 percent satisfaction rate for their speed, especially with features such as NGINX, PHP 7, OpCache, Memcached, and HTTP/2. We wonder some users have not properly configured their website, have issues with their website in some other ways. That being said, SiteGround's 2015 results mysteriously left out the satisfaction rating for Speed.

But who are we kidding, 94.5 percent is still really great, right? But, in light of this, we will be creating a detailed tutorial to demonstrate the speed of SiteGround and to help users ensure they make the most of all the technology SiteGround has to offer. In the meantime, you can get a glimpse from earlier tests we carried out for our W3 Total Cache tutorial.

95 percent say SiteGround are better than other providers

One interesting fact revealed from the survey, is that out of 85 percent who have used other hosting providers previously, a massive 95 percent say that they have had a better experience with SiteGround.

39 percent of Customers identify as Developers and Designers

This seems a very high proportion, but could arguably be the ultimate affirmation of the great service SiteGround provides. After all, the reputation of the developer or designer could be at risk if they point clients to a web hosting provider that suffers downtime, is slow, or takes days or weeks to respond to support requests.

Furthermore, designers and developers are busy people. They want to know that if they contact SiteGround for whatever reason, their query will be dealt with quickly. SiteGround certainly delivers in this department with ticket responses taking no more than ten minutes, and if you check out our user reviews most of them praise the support team.

Also, SiteGround has also seen a large growth in other create professionals that use their service, such as bloggers, photographers, music, and video creators to name a few. The full chart can be seen below:

siteground client profiles 2016 survey

WordPress is the most Popular Content Management System

According to the survey, more than two-thirds of their customers use WordPress. This comes as a very little surprise considering all the technology, tools and other features that have been specifically designed for WordPress.

Comparison with previous years results

You can see our commentary of the 2015 customer satisfaction results here. The following graph shows the break down of the results, showing a 95 percent average.

2015 survey results sitegroundYou will notice that the Speed bar is missing, but we have some math skills and worked out it should be 90.7 percent. This is lower than previous years, and perhaps not something they were proud of. Certainly, this years is a significant improvement.

The next chart shows the previous years, 2012, 2013 and 2014 compared:

survey results siteground 2012 2013 2014

Find out more

If you are interested in finding out more about all the various technologies that SiteGround has to offer, we highly recommend checking out our review here. We reference and link to more information in that review about their features.

If you are interested in HHVM, the technology that is faster than PHP 7 (benchmarks here), you can check out our Cloud review here.

If you are interested in giving them a risk-free trial, you can currently get 60 percent off your first invoice here.

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