CPanel Advanced Panel Tutorials

The cPanel Advanced Panel provides access to various advanced tools responsible for managing the more technical asapects of your web server.

cPanel Advanced Panel
cPanel Advanced Panel CREDIT: THE WEBMASTER

The Advanced Panel contains the following features:



The Terminal feature in cPanel is an in-browser terminal application that allows easy direct command-line access to your server. This feature is not activated on all shared hosting accounts.

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Cron Jobs

A cron job is a task that is scheduled by the system to run at predefined times or intervals. A cron job usually executes a script file containing a series of tasks.

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Track DNS

This feature in cPanel contains tools to lookup a domains’ IP address or DNS entries and to trace the network route for a particular domain.

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The Indexes feature in cPanel allows you to manage how a directory appears on the web should it not contain an index file such as “index.html”.

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Error Pages

Error pages are shown to visitors when they encounter issues when trying to view your website. Each error has its own code; for example, the 404 error code states that the “page is not found”.

cPanel, by default, provides basic error pages, but the Error Pages feature allows you to customize these pages.

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Apache Handlers

Apache Handlers control how your server processes certain file types and file extensions.

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  • How to configure custom Apache handlers in cPanel (Coming Soon)

MIME Types

MIME Types are used to specify how certain file types and file extensions are processed by a web browser.

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  • How to configure custom MIME types in cPanel (Coming Soon)