How to access the Command Line using the cPanel Terminal

By Jonathan Griffin. Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

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If your web host allows, you can easily access SSH via the Terminal feature in cPanel. The SSH protocol enables you to remotely manage your server, such as configuring CGI scripts and other tasks.

If you require SSH access to manually upload and download files using an FTP program, you will need to configure SSH Access.


The Terminal should only be used by users who know what they are doing. Entering the wrong commands here can render your server inoperable.

How to access SSH using the cPanel Terminal

Access your server using the Terminal feature is as simple as logging into your cPanel account and clicking a couple of links.

How to Terminate a Terminal Session

To terminate the session, type exit:

[[email protected] ~]$ exit

Troubleshooting \ FAQ’s

Why can't I see the option to use the Terminal in cPanel

Not all web hosting providers allow access to the command line. In some cases, it may be disabled by default but will be activated on request.

If in doubt, you should open a ticket with your hosting provider.

Can I use the 'sudo' command on shared hosting servers?

The sudo command allows a user to run commands as the root or superuser. For shared hosting accounts, you will not be allowed to use the sudo command.

If you require such access, you will need VPS or Cloud hosting.