How to Delete Email Account in cPanel

By Jonathan Griffin. Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

· 3 min read

This short tutorial will show you how to remove an email account in cPanel. I previously showed how to create an email account in cPanel here.

There are a few reasons why you might want to delete an account, including:

  • The obvious reason for not needing that mail account anymore.
  • You want to delete all your emails quickly by deleting the account and re-making it.
  • You want to secure an email account for a member of staff who has left the company.
  • You have changed your email address.
  • You want to free up disk space by deleting the account (and all its mails) and remaking it.

How to Remove Your Email Account in cPanel

Troubleshooting / FAQ’s

I can’t delete my email account after deleting the domain from cPanel

This is a common issue that is caused by “symbolic” links to the mailboxes being left behind. You can avoid this problem by deleting the email account before deleting the addon domain.

The easiest solution is to re-add the domain back to the account in cPanel. You can then delete the email account before deleting the domain. You do not need to configure any DNS when doing this.

How do I delete multiple cPanel email addresses?

There is no easy way to delete multiple cPanel email accounts in cPanel in one go. If you only have a small number I recommend removing them via the cPanel interface.

If you have many accounts that you need to remove, and you have root access, it is possible to mass delete your accounts using a script. We have not verified this script, but you may wish to check out this solution on the cPanel forums.

Can you delete a default email account in cPanel?

The default account refers to your email address [email protected], where ‘account’ is your account username.

You cannot rename, remove, or place a quota on the default account. As such, you should create a custom email address for everyday use.

I've tried everything, but still can't remove email accounts from cPanel?

It is possible that your hosting provider has inadvertently given your account the wrong permissions.

If nothing else works, open a support ticket and ask them to troubleshoot it at their end.