How do our ratings work?

How do our Ratings Work?

A brief summary of how the User Ratings work at The Webmaster.

The user review ratings at The Webmaster are carefully designed not only to provide a realistic and useful metric by which to assess a web hosting provider, but also eliminate new web hosts, or web hosts with too few user reviews being artificially high in our ranking tables.

The Leave Review Page

It is useful, for reference purposes at this stage to post a screenshot of out "leave a review" page:

Review web hosting providerAs you can see, we provide clear recommendations for what each score means, along with a total score at the end showing whether you recommend that host.  

Any host that receives a total score of 7 or above will be count as a recommendation, so if you do not wish to recommend, or vice versa, you may need to adjust your scores until you find something that better suits your opinion on that web host.

The Review Tables

You can view the reviews through one of our review tables.  These can be sorted by score, date, and review updated date.  In addition, you can review the "all-time" score, or choose from scores over the last 12 months, 6 months and 3 months.

This is particularly useful when hosting providers frequently get bought out by larger companies, and the service subsequently goes down hill.

With the All-time score, if a host only has one review rating it a perfect 10, then while that score will still show, it will be moved down the table rankings by a maximum of 2 score points, depending on the number of reviews.

The Review Dashboard

Every review has a dashboard that shows more detailed metrics on that hosting provider.  This is at the top of the page, and the right hand part of the dashboard has three screens that you can select from.

Here is an example for the SiteGround Shared Hosting Review:

Review dashboard 1

First first dashboard screen shows the total score, with sub scores for each section.

Review dashboard 2

The second dashboard shows the rating over time, for the previous three years. This is a particularly useful graph to check, to see if the web hosting provider has worsened recently, but still shows a high rating from the historical reviews.

Review dashboard 3This is a simple statistics showing the number of users that would recommend that hosting provider.

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