AOL Search Now Powered By Bing


AOL Search Now Powered By Bing

AOL Search is now being powered by Bing, in a change that sees Bing expand its market share in the website searching industry, taking over AOL's share of it.

AOL Search is now being powered by Bing; this change was confirmed by Bing as of the 1st January 2016, as they said: “Bing now powers AOL’s web, mobile, and tablet search, providing paid search ads and algorithmic organic search results to AOL’s properties worldwide.”

This is the product of a deal that was made between the two companies back in June of 2015.

Bing have said in a statement:

“Our partnership with AOL brings additional scale and an opportunity to advertisers and marketers. Today, 1 in 5 searches happen on, and by providing Bing search results for the number 3 (Yahoo) and 5 (AOL) search providers in the US, Bing powers close to one-third of US PC web searches. Today’s announcement is a testament to Microsoft’s ongoing focus on search advertising and our increasing scale that connects a marketer’s media buys to new publishers and audiences to help them achieve more impact for their business.”

AOL powered by Bing

Users might notice some changes to Bing Ads now that this change has occurred, including the Campaigns and Reporting pages, and the Keyword and Campaign Planners. The Report page will have a new value added to the Network column for AOL Search, and also, new ones added to the Top Vs. Other column for AOL Search-Top.

Plus, actual website URLs will be displayed as separate line items (not consolidated) for AOL-owned and operated websites in the “website URL” column of the “website URL (Publisher)” report.

Bing’s Prince Bajracharya said:

“If you have made changes to your network distribution before January 1st, 2016, your old values and new values in Change History will be updated to include the AOL network. However, please note that your ads have been served on Bing and Yahoo properties before January 2016. This will also happen to the data in the Change History tab.”

Search engine market share Bing’s new deal with AOL is different to its previous deal with Yahoo because it will be powering 100 percent of AOL’s search results across all of the devices. Only 51 percent of Yahoo’s search results are powered by Bing if mobile searching is not counted.

Bing can now benefit from the existing, built-in audience that comes from AOL, which generates billions of search queries every year. It remains the case that Google has the majority of search market share, with 66.4 percent worldwide; AOL has only 0.67 percent worldwide, and Bing is second to Google at 14.61 percent. This move is set to join these two search services and shows both Bing and AOL expanding their success in the web searching business.

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