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CloudFlare Summary

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About CloudFlare

CloudFlare offers many benefits, including increased security (their pro plan starting at $20 per month, even offers a web application firewall), DDOS protection, CDN, DNS, and performance optimization.

A quick summary of their main features are as follows:

  • Content Delivery Network (CDN) - Their CDN is powered by around 100 data centers around the world, including (on their Enterprise plans) China.  This means, especially if you use page rules for full page caching, that your web pages are served locally to your visitors for significant speed increases.  Their full network map can be found here.
  • DDoS Protection - Even though you will need their Business Plan ($200 pm) for full protection (guaranteed uptime), even their free plan can help against the smaller most common attacks.
  • Fast, Secure DNS - CloudFlare DNS powers over 35% of managed DNS domains.  They have one of the largets DNS networks in the world, with lookup times often within a few ms. This is because every one of their 100 data centers can provide DNS lookups from their Anycast-powered network.
  • Security - In addition to their DDoS protection that we mentioned above, CloudFlare also offer a Web Application Firewall with their paid plans. Their WAF uses collective intelligence to monitor over 2.9 million requests every second, continually identifying and blocking potential threats. The WAF also includes application specific rules for increased security.
  • Web Optimization - Without going into too much detail, CloudFlare has a whole suite of great features to help optimize the speed of your website.  These include Rocket Loader (Javascript optimization), Local Storage Caching, HTTP/2, Server Push, Autominify, Compression, Browser Optimization, Static Caching, Full page caching with Page Rules and more.

The Webmaster uses CloudFlare as the cornerstone of its Security, and Performance Optimization Strategy.  We highly recommend you do the same.

You can read our full overview of CloudFlare in our detailed article here.

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