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Overall Rating: 9.00

Support: 9.00

Speed: 9.00

Features: 9.00

Uptime: 9.00

Value: 9.00

Hosting Expert

“100TB appear, at least on paper, to be a power choice as a VPS hosting provider. They are a massive company (part of the Uk2 Group), who are one of the few companies to own their own data centers.

They offer 24/7 support and migration assistance. The specs of their hardware and network (especially bandwidth) are pretty impressive, and reasonably priced. "

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Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

. Editor, Hosting Expert, SEO Developer, & SEO Consultant.

“100TB’s VPS servers provide affordable, scalable web hosting solutions for those who want control over every aspect of their server configuration.

Featuring 99.99% network SLA, 24/7 support, and enterprise grade hardware, they offer good reliability and help when you need it. "

  • Intel® Xeon CPUs with SSD Storage.
  • 24x7x365 support via Email, Live Chat, and Telephone.
  • 99.99% Service Level Agreement
  • Assistance with migrations.
  • Automated server deployment. Multiple Operating Systems available, including Windows, CentOS, and Ubuntu.
  • Web Accesss via 100TB console, along with full 100TB API for white-labelling
Money Back Guarantee
Advanced Caching
$5.00 - $5.00
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100TB’s main selling point is the technology behind its hosting, including its network, owned data centers, hardware, security (including DDOS protection) and automation.

Network & Data Centers

100TB’s network is extremely impressive, and because they own seven of their own data centers they have the expertise to back it up. Coupled with their partnership with SoftLayer, they have servers in 27 different locations around the world:

  • Over 2.8Tbps global network capacity
  • 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard
  • Premium, 10Gbps, Volume & Private networks available
  • Noction intelligent routing optimization
  • Seven 100TB-operated data center facilities in Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Salt Lake City
  • Plus 18 SoftLayer-operated data centers spread across the world
  • Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers in our ultra-redundant BGP network


100TB are big on automation, with VPS servers provisioned in seconds. Furthermore, with their Control panel you can transfer, backup, scale and see usage statistics quickly and easily. Here are the highlights:

  • On-demand deployment: your service is online in seconds. This includes all aspects such as Load Balancers, Firewalls, private networks.
  • Flexibility: Transfer VPS nodes to different server locations.
  • Backup: Ability to manage and take multiple backups.
  • Scalable: Resize your VMs with automatic triggers or on the fly.
  • Analytics: Graphing of CPU, Disk, RAM, Bandwidth & more.


They use all the latest and best hardware, including SuperMicro, Intel Xeon CPU’s, Kingston memory, Samsung SSD’s with spares kept on-site for quick maintenance and replacement.


In addition to all the usual security precautions (physical and biometric access requirements), 100TB offer 2-factor authentication, and enterprise grade hardware firewalls. 100TB is no slouch when it comes to protecting its services from DDoS either, with Arbor PeakFlow DDoS Protection. Arbor PeakFlow is an almost real-time DDoS detection system that operates at both the network and application level.


100TB offer 24x7x365 support via email, live chat, and telephone. The also offer a 99.99 percent SLA. It is difficult to guage whether 100TB’s users are satisfied, but the lack of complaints around the web seem promising. Certainly, there are some complaints on their other brands which does not bode well.

Control Panels & Software

As an unmanaged provider, you can install whatever software or control panels you like. On the VPS, and cPanel and Plesk licenses are readily available.

Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

. Editor, Hosting Expert, SEO Developer, & SEO Consultant.

“100tbcom’s Dedicated Servers are available for those who require a high performing, stable hosting environment with no noisy neighbours.

100tbcom are one of the few dedicated hosting specialists who take care of everything for you. Even a novice can use them. Furthermore, if you need a completely custom solution you can utilize their Enterprise hosting to get something designed specifically for your needs. "

  • FREE WHM + cPanel Control Panel. Easily create multiple accounts.
  • HHVM, HTTP/2, OpCache, Memcached and Railgun. Site Staging, Git.
  • Full Management, Monitoring with Proactive response.
  • 24/7 VIP Support via phone, chat and ticket.
  • Private DNS, with 5 free Dedicated IP’s. IP Tables Firewall.
  • Enterprise Intel Xeon Servers - E3-1230, E3-1270 or E5-2630 with SSD Storage.
Money Back Guarantee
Advanced Caching
$99.00 - $472.00
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100TB.com offer a range of bare-metal dedicated servers.

With memory ranging from 16GB to 64 GB, and a choice of HDD storage or SSD in Raid 1, and premium 1Gbps connectivity they offer a good selection of pre-set server configurations. If you need a custom solution, they can help with that too.

Users Reviews (Rated 9.00 / 10)

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 Shared Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 10.00

Support: 10.00

Speed: 10.00

Features: 10.00

Uptime: 10.00

Value: 10.00

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 VPS Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 8.00

Support: 8.00

Speed: 8.00

Features: 8.00

Uptime: 8.00

Value: 8.00

Date: September 20, 2015
Hosting Type: VPS Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

Based on my experience (couple years in London and several months in New York), its pretty good, especially considering the price. Support is fast and useful, ready to resolve any issues you might have.

Support (Rated 9.00 / 10)

The recurring theme with many of our users’ reviews is the quality, speed and helpfulness of their support team. Their support is consistently rated by our users higher than anything else.

Support Methods

  • Ticket support is available via their 100TB Console.
  • You can contact them via live chat at any time. If you have an urgent issue, they recommend getting in touch with them via telephone. This ensures your issue is dealt with straight away, rather then entering a ticket queue.
  • 100TB have a knowledgebase, which features articles about their console, as well as how-to’s. However, the number of articles is fairly limited. Which is dissapointing.

Response Satisfaction

  • 100TB will happily provide many issues, including guidance on server configuration or recommending increased security countermeasures.
  • 100TB’s suppoort team is available 24/7 365 days per year.
  • They have different management level’s. The response and scope of the support will vary depending on which level you choose. The choices are none, Basic Managed ($19.95pm), and Supreme Support ($69 pm).

Speed (Rated 9.00 / 10)

100tb.com does not offer any optimized server configurations. It offers bare-bone services that provide full access to the VPS or Dedicated server, which you can then optimize yourself. What it does offer, is enterprise-grade hardware, and excellent an excellent network.

Cutting Edge Technology

  • SSD - Solid State Disk storage increases the performance of your website, but decreasing latency, I/O Input and Throughput, as well as increasing reliability.
  • Enterprise Grade Hardware - Intel® Xeon CPUs, Kingston® memory, Samsung SSDs

Premium Network

  • Premium Network - 1Gbps Premium Network with 100TB bandwidth as standard. 5.9 Tbps Global Network Capacity, and Cisco & Juniper routing equipment.
  • Redundant Network - Multiple Tier 1 bandwidth providers are contained within their ultra-redundant BGP network

Uptime (Rated 9.00 / 10)

100tb.com promise a 99.99% service level agreement in respect of their Premium Network. They are able to offer such a high SLA due to the built-in redundancy at every level.

The SLA does not apply to scheduled maintenance, software, hardware failure or DDoS attacks, so it excludes the most common causes of downtime. Make of that, what you will.

      Value (Rated 9.00 / 10)

      For completely unmanaged services, their VPS starts at $5 per month for 512MB of memory and 25 GB SSD, going to $74 per month for 8GB Memory and 90 GB SSD. Compared to other similar bare-metal providers, this is relatively high.

      Typical 100tb.com Prices

      Hosting TypePrice Range
      VPS Hosting$5.00 - $5.00 5 plans
      Dedicated Hosting$99.00 - $472.00 8 plans

      Payment methods accepted: Debit \ Credit Cards. PayPal is also available.

      100tb.com Hosting Plans

      VPS Hosting Plans

      Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPrice
      V1-15 [1]25 GB1 CPU Cores0.52 TB$5.00 More Details
      V2-15 [2]25 GB1 CPU Cores0.52 TB$5.00 More Details
      V3-15 [3]25 GB1 CPU Cores0.52 TB$5.00 More Details
      V4-1525 GB1 CPU Cores0.52 TB$5.00 More Details
      V5-1525 GB1 CPU Cores0.52 TB$5.00 More Details


      • [1] CentOS requires V2-15 plan, Windows v3-15 Plan minimum
      • [2] CentOS requires V2-15 plan, Windows v3-15 Plan minimum
      • [3] CentOS , Windows, debian, ubuntu and fedora available on this plan and higher.

      Dedicated Hosting Plans

      Plan NameSpaceCPURAMBandwidthPrice
      M1-182 x 1000 GB4 Cores x 3.5 GHz1620 TB$99.00 More Details
      S1-182 x 1000 GB4 Cores x 3.5 GHz1620 TB$126.00 More Details
      M3-182 x 1000 GB4 Cores x 3.8 GHz3250 Tb$148.00 More Details
      S3-182 x 1000 GB4 Cores x 3.8 GHz3250 TB$184.00 More Details
      M5-181 x 512 GB4 Cores x 3.8 GHz32100 TB$207.00 More Details
      S5-181 x 512 GB4 Cores x 3.8 GHz32100 TB$247.00 More Details
      D10-182 x 512 GB2 x 10 Cores x 2.2 GHz64100 TB$279.00 More Details
      S15-182x500GB NVME GB2 x 8 Cores x 2.1 GHz64100 TB$472.00 More Details


        Frequently asked questions

        Does 100TB offer shared hosting?

        No. They focus on bare-metal dedicated servers, and VPS servers. All are self-managed, but support is available.

        They also promote high quality gaming servers.

        Does 100TB own their own data centers?

        They own data centers in Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Miami, New York City and Salt Lake City. They have partnered with SoftLayer to offer servers in 28 other locations worldwide.

        Can I choose where the server is located, and will it cost more in certain places?

        There is no extra charge for servers in New York City, Salt Lake City, London, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt. Not all servers are available in each location, and pricing may vary for other locations.

        Is 100TB owned by EIG?

        No. They are part of the UK2 Group that also own UK2.net, Midphase, Resell.biz, Westhost, Virtual Internet, and VPS.net.

        Can I customize the dedicated server configuration?

        Yes. You can specify Hardware RAID, Management level, Memory

        What control panel will be provided with my account?

        100tb.com use a custom control panel for their dedicated server hosting that allow you to do the following:

        • Manage and monitor your services
        • Increase security on your account
        • Upgrade your services & purchase add-ons such as ssl certificates.
        • Instantly provision all services from the control panel, including V{S hosting, cloud server hosting, reseller hosting, Bare Metal Servers, Private Cloud, Backups, Server Monitoring, Load Balancers, Firewalls and more. Remember to check back here for 100tb.com coupon codes before adding new services!
        • Provide usage statistics
        • Submit support tickets.

        In addition, they offer an API that allows you to fully automate deployments of their 100tb dedicated servers.

        Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

        Editor, SEO Consultant, & Developer.

        Jonathan Griffin is The Webmaster's Editor & CEO, managing day-to-day editorial operations across all our publications. Jonathan writes about Development, Hosting, and SEO topics for The Webmaster and The Search Review with more than nine years of experience. Jonathan also manages his own SEO consultancy, offering SEO developer services. He is an expert on site-structure, strategy, Schema, AMP, and technical SEO. You can find Jonathan on Twitter as @thewebmastercom.

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