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Dedicated hosting is the most expensive type of web hosting available. Our review filter allow you to find the best dedicated hosting available based on their features, sorted by the top user review scores.

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247-host reviews

A range of powerful enterprise level dedicated servers with options for both standard and SSD storage.

Total score 9.8
Now $69.50

1&1 reviews

A large choice of mostly pre-configured dedicated hosting servers at a great price with full management and backups available for just $10.

Total score 4.8
Was $34.99
Now $9.99

123-Reg reviews is a well known and well respected hosting provider in the UK, and is known more for its Domain Registration services than anything else being the largest domain provider in the UK. They currently have over 3 million domains registered, and host over 1.7 million websites.

Total score 1.0
Now 49.00

Namecheap reviews

Namecheap offers a wide range of dedicated servers, ranging in price and performance providing both cheap \ budget and enterprise options. The servers can be either self or partly, or fully managed offering peace of mind for your project.

Total score 0.0
Now $58.88

About Dedicated Web Hosting

When thinking of dedicated server hosting the first thing that comes to mind is that you would have an entire dedicated hosting server to yourself.  I.e. no-one shares any of the resources of the server with you like you would get with shared hosting and VPS hosting. Typically, when ordering a dedicated hosting service, you would have full control over the hardware, and you would have full control over the server, including the operating system and other configuration.

Usually, the dedicated hosting server is rented from a data center or third-party provider, but many data centers also offer co-location.  Co-location is where you own the server outright, but rent space in a server cabinet along with other features and services, such as bandwidth, backups, support, etc.

You can read more about dedicated hosting here.

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