123-Reg Domain Registrar Review

123-Reg Domain Registrar Review

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123-reg is the United Kingdom's largest domain provider and belongs to the Host Europe Group. The company hosts more than 1. 4 million websites and has registered over three million domains.

123-reg's Domain Services are very popular within the UK, and come with a few perks.  Not only do you have full control of your Domain Name Servers so you can point your domain wherever you like, but you also at no extra charge can create a two page website with their website builder, create branded email address, and even monitor whether your domain is blacklisted by the main search engines.

Editor's note: We have not personally tested their Domain Name product. You may, therefore, wish to pay particular attention to the user reviews at the end of the page.

Expert Opinion

123-Reg Domain Registrar Review

123-reg Domain Prices

Here are the prices for some of the most popular type of domain names (prices are in GBP, as they are a UK-based provider):

  • .co.uk - £5.94
  • .net - £11.99
  • .com - £11.99
  • .org - £11.99

Unfortunately, these are quite expensive compared to other more specialist domain registrars.

One of the things that concern us the most is that apparently if you need an IPS tag to move your domain away from them, then you may be charged $20.

I've been with 123-reg for like ten years. If my client wants to leave, I move it to the new provider. Now — 123-reg with zero customer loyalty wants me to pay 20 bucks to leave their service (change the IPS Tag). Surely its not legal to add this charge with no warning or no acceptance. This disgraceful business. No one else charges for this.

Quite frankly, this is disgusting business practice, and as such the only easy conclusion we must take from this is that you should avoid purchasing any domain from them. The majority of other domain registrars do not make this charge, and we would highly recommend using a company such as Namecheap instead.

123-reg Domain Registrar Review

Editor's Expert Opinion

We do not recommend 123-reg for your domain names. Quite frankly, just the fact that they charge users to move their domains away from them is enough to recommend that you avoid them.

What people are saying

Find out what people are saying about 123-reg's as a domain registrar below, or alternatively, if you have experience with them yourself, feel free to leave your review.

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