Best Free Hosting Providers of 2018

Free hosting is usually provided with extremely limited resources, and virtually no support in return for either adding advertising on your website or in the hope you will upgrade to a paid plan either with that host or with their preferred partner.

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Best Free Hosting

000webhost are one of the most popular and most reputable free hosting services. If we were to recommend Free Hosting (which we DON'T) then this would probably make our list.

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About Free Hosting

Free website hosting is usually that; free. That does not mean the company offering the free hosting isn't trying to make a profit, because they usually are. There are a number of ways they try to do this:

  • Adverts - some free hosting companies will inject adverts into your web pages. That being said, many of the better, more successful free hosting companies do not do this.
  • Aggressive Upsells - they purposely severely limit the resources allowed by your website, so that after a while you will be required to upgrade to a paid account because you are using too many resources. Failure to upgrade will see your website suspended, or as is often the case, your website is suspended first and your data held to ransom.
  • Partner companies - in a similar way to Upsells, some companies like 000webhost will own other paid hosting companies. They will continually encourage you to sign up with them for support or for more resources.

Should you use Free Web Hosting?

If you just have a hobby website and don't have much traffic then maybe. Just be careful to keep copies of all your data and you will be fine (to prevent being held hostage or to guard against sudden suspensions).

However, we are of the opinion that you get what you pay for. Choosing a free web hosting provider for your business, or any website that makes you money, or even used as a hobby is a massive mistake.

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