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Overall Rating: 6.13

Support: 5.83

Speed: 5.96

Features: 6.04

Uptime: 6.08

Value: 6.71

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“A pioneer of the free hosting industry, 000Webhost was launched in 2007. It now has millions of users, with hundreds of servers.

As hosting goes, the features are pretty basic. The one hour of forced downtime per day may be a deal-breaker. However, what do you expect for free?”

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Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

. Editor, Hosting Expert, SEO Developer, & SEO Consultant.

“000Webhost have partnered with Zyro to offer a website builder. Zyro has both free and premium plans.

The free version allows you to build a basic business website. You can add text, images, galleries, YouTube embeds and more.

The Premium plan costs $9.95 per month. You can add e-commerce, banners, AdSense integration and social sharing.”

  • Free Hosting with a free subdomain.
  • Over 100 Responsive Mobile Ready Templates. These adapt seamlessly to any device.
  • Easy to use Drag and Drop interface. Place text, tables, galleries, and forms easily.
  • Inbuilt SEO features help boost Google rankings. Easily add friendly URLs, page titles, descriptions, and keywords.
  • Create a multi-language website, with over 31 languages available.
  • Integrate with social media with the Premium plan.
Money Back Guarantee
Advanced Caching
$0.00 - $0.00
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Zyro is very easy to use. After signing up, you are taken directly to where you can choose a template. Within minutes you will see a working version of your new site.

Diverging from the original design of the template is difficult. All the features are tightly integrated, so you should choose a template wisely.

You can choose over 100 templates to choose from (30 on the free plan). You should find something suitable for your needs.

The templates look smart but are relatively simple. You can see a preview below:

Zyro Website Builder Templates

Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

. Editor, Hosting Expert, SEO Developer, & SEO Consultant.

    Money Back Guarantee
    Advanced Caching
    $0.00 - $0.00
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    Negative reviews of free hosting are bound to be frequent. After all, users are getting the hosting for free. However, perhaps they feel they are entitled to more.

    000Webhost has one hour of forced downtime per day. Their support is limited to a community forum. They delete inactive accounts. They limit each account to two websites with restrictive resource allocations. They will even show adverts on your site unless you opt out.

    It is not all bad, though; the hosting is, after all, free. 000Webhost also include a custom control panel and a free website builder. You can turn off the adverts easily. The community support is surprisingly good.

    We recommend that you do not re-use any passwords when creating your account. They previously stored passwords in plain text. A hacker then stole 13.5 million account names and passwords! While we suspect they have fixed this, it is best to be careful.

    The Positives

    000Webhost have a robust set of standard features. A few of the most important are as follows:

    • Custom Control Panel. Manage your web hosting account via a simple graphic interface.

    • Zyro Site Builder. Create a new site easily with a drag and drop website builder. Their free plan offers 30 stunning templates to get you started. Premium features include 100+ templates, e-commerce, and social media integration.

    • One-click WordPress Installer. Install a WordPress site in minutes. Over 300 scripts available with their premium hosting.

    • Great Uptime. 000Webhost’s status page provides proof of their 99% uptime guarantee. It doesn’t, however, take into account their one hour of forced sleep time (downtime).

    • It is free. There are no hidden fees. The only downside is the repeated adverts for their premium hosting.

    The Negatives

    As with any free hosting, there are some restrictions. A few of the most important are as follows:

    • Website Sleeps one hour per day. Your site will not be accessible for one hour each day. You can, however, choose the time it sleeps.

    • Banner Ads. Your site will show adverts from time to time. Reports say these primarily promote their paid hosting, Hostinger. Fortunately, you can disable these via your control panel.

    • Inactive Account Deletion. You must log in regularly for your account to stay active. Equally, if you have too little traffic, your account will be deleted. You should ensure you take regular backups and store them locally.

    • Slower Speeds \ Performance. You should expect slower website speeds with 000Webhost. They use CloudLinux to restrict the resources available. The CPU may be throttled to prevent overuse.

    • Only forum-based community support. 000Webhost stopped offering ticket support in August 2016. Support is now only available via a community forum.

    Final Words

    000Webhost is an excellent web hosting company if you have no money. If you have a choice, though, paying a few dollars for hosting is worth it. You can upgrade to a premium hosting plan, should you wish to try them out.

    New web developers or hobbyists may find this free hosting useful. We wouldn’t recommend it for business or e-commerce sites.

    Users Reviews (Rated 6.13 / 10)

    The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 24 Free Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

    Overall: 6.13

    Support: 5.83

    Speed: 5.96

    Features: 6.04

    Uptime: 6.08

    Value: 6.71

    Date: March 12, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 9.20

    i think that 000webhost is the best free hosting provider! very simple to use, easy to handle and no money needed! simply use it if you want to learn the web hosting skills!
    Date: March 10, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 8.80

    000webhost is the best free hosting ever, its great for learning and experiencing the real thing, I love there easy site software installation, I installed Wordpress in a few clicks and built my site without any coding using the easy drag and drop site builder.
    Date: February 26, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 10.00

    I just wanted to thank 000webhost for giving me an opportunity to use web hosting services for FREE! Your services are reasonably good and I really really appreciate it. Now, I am using Hostinger services which are EVEN BETTER, of course. Thank you!
    Date: February 22, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: Custom HTML

    User Rating: 7.80

    000webhost offers pretty good services, for a free service at least.
    Date: February 22, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 10.00

    been using 000webhost for a year now and i have never experienced any major issues. I’m happy that i’ve chosen 000webhost!
    Date: February 22, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 8.40

    000webhost is a good choice if you are looking for free hostings. In recent time it have implemented many limitations but still its speed and interface are good. I have hosted many sites there and they all got good position on Google also. I got some problems in setup but their amazing support solved it easily and their support is much better than paid hosting support. 000webhost is a good choice for free hosting.
    Date: February 21, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 9.80

    000webhost is just great! They offer really good services with very good statistics (most of the time even better than some premium ones) while being a completely free hosting provider! I’m happy that I’ve found 000webhost!
    Date: February 20, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 10.00

    000webhost is the most amazing host that I have come across so long and that far. The most amazing part about it is that it is absolutely FREE! When I saw it for the first time, I was just unable to believe it - but when I tried it for a while, I was more than happy. Actually, at that time - my happiness knew no limits! So of course, if you are looking for a free host - just go along with 000webhost, it’s just phenomenal!
    Date: February 20, 2018
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: WordPress

    User Rating: 9.00

    I have hosted various projects and wordpress website on the free 000webhost plan and it worked great and served the purpose. It was great to have myself online without paying a single penny.
    Date: December 11, 2017
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting
    Platform: mine

    User Rating: 0.00

    Date: March 17, 2017
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting

    User Rating: 8.00

    getting a domain and hosting through 000webhost is great value. cPanel is the most used one around but the limited functionality means it is not good for professionals. For a beginner the hosting is good, but not for professionals.
    Date: February 12, 2017
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting

    User Rating: 1.00


    ordered a free account - ALIAS DID NOT WORK installed Wordpress - ALSO DID NOT WORK nginx error ordered a .com domain - VERIFICATION BY EMAIL DID NT WORK connected the domain - DID NT WORK deleted WP page and uploaded individual website to - LOADING TIME + 45 SEC!!!!!

    Tried contacting support - THERE IS NO SUPPORT

    Date: January 18, 2017
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting

    User Rating: 1.00

    000webhost sucks

    It is not user friendly, lots of bugs and you can’t even delete your account once it is created.

    Date: September 7, 2016
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting

    User Rating: 1.00

    Look elsewhere. They advertise low downtime but what you don’t get is low divert time. Your site will continuously be directed to their AD site. It happens intermittently, so you don’t know when or on which page you click on but eventually you will be diverted to their advertisments. They just want you to upgrade to their paid service Hosting24. Time to move on.
    Date: August 24, 2016
    Hosting Type: Free Hosting

    User Rating: 1.00

    000webhost is TERRIBLE

    Unless you have lots of visitors your website will be deleted and removed for inactivity. Before that though you get a warning message appear constantly on your site saying “This website was set to be removed for inactivity by If you own this website, click here to protect it.” so all visitors will see that too!

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    To see all 24 000Webhost reviews click here.

    Features (Rated 6.04 / 10)

    They offer a great selection of features for a free web host. NGINX and PHP 7 offers reasonable performance. Their community support is surprisingly good.

    Server Technology

    • NGINX is used as a reverse proxy to speed up the service of website files.
    • They include CloudFlare for fast speed and performance. A Content Delivery Network serves files closer to your visitors. CloudFlare can also optimize your code and images. SSL is only available via their free subdomain. SSL for top-level domains is available via CloudFlare.
    • They support PHP 7 and MySQL databases. Curl, Zend, XML, Ioncube Loader, and .htaccess is also available.

    Software & E-commerce

    • A Custom Control Panel makes management easy. Manage files, databases, and auto installs WordPress. It also includes Email management.
    • Auto installer for WordPress. Install 300+ scripts with their Premium Hosting.
    • It includes the easy website builder, Zyro. Create mobile-friendly sites with a drag and drop interface.

    Backups & Security

    • The free plan includes monthly backups. The custom control panel offers instant backups.
    • CloudLinux isolates each account for security. It also prevents one account utilizing too many resources. This overuse would slow down the server for everyone.
    • 000Webhost may delete inactive accounts. We recommend you download regular backups from the server.

    Support & Uptime

    • Only community-based forum support is available. Response times are just a few hours and appear helpful. Live chat technical support is available with a paid plan.
    • Your website will have one hour of forced downtime per day. You can choose when this occurs.
    • They offer a 99% uptime guarantee. The calculation excludes the one hour of forced downtime.

    Server Locations

    A data center near your users you can decrease server response times. 000Webhost has data centers in the following locations:

    North America
    • US - Unknown location.
    • None
    • None
    • None
    • None
    South America
    • None

    Support (Rated 5.83 / 10)

    When something goes wrong, you are going to need help. The support offered by 000webhost’s free hosting is limited. Only community-based forum support is available for free. The paid plans, however, include other support methods.

    Support Methods

    • The forum-based support is surprisingly good. Live chat is available with a paid account.
    • The support forum is searchable. There is a great chance someone has already asked your question.
    • The quality of the support on the forum may vary. Earlier discussions may not always be up to date, or useful.

    Response Satisfaction

    • Most forum questions have a response within a couple of hours. This is impressive for a free hosting solution.
    • The quality of support on the forum is excellent. Moderators “ping” staff into the post for technical help.
    • Most support questions are resolved on the forum reasonably quickly.

    Speed (Rated 5.96 / 10)

    No one wants to wait 30 seconds for a webpage to load. Even with free hosting. Fortunately, 000webhost include PHP 7, CloudFlare and NGINX:

    • PHP 7. Version 7.1 is now the industry standard. The latest version is almost twice as fast as PHP 5.

    • CloudFlare. Use the CloudFlare CDN to speed up the delivery of files around the world. CloudFlare also optimizes images and more.

    • NGINX. It is a high-performance web server. As a reverse proxy to Apache, it speeds up service of static content.

        Uptime (Rated 6.08 / 10)

        000Webhost’s free web hosting promises 99% uptime. No compensation is payable should it fail to be achieved. Instead, a linked status page reveals the actual uptime figures as proof.

        • 99% uptime guarantee allows 14 minutes 24 seconds downtime per day.
        • Your website has forced downtime of one hour per day. This is of a time of your choosing.
        • 000Webhost’s status page indicates uptime above 99.9%. This is very good for free hosting.

            Value (Rated 6.71 / 10)

            We cannot give you any 000Webhost pricing as it is completely free. You can upgrade to a premium hosting plan via Hostinger.

            Typical 000Webhost Prices

            Hosting TypePrice Range
            Shared Hosting$3.49 - $7.952 plans
            Free Hosting$0.00 - $0.001 plan

            Payment methods accepted: Not applicable.

            000Webhost Hosting Plans

            Shared Hosting Plans

            Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNo. of SitesPrice
            Premium - Silver [1]Unlimited GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$3.49More Details
            Business - Gold [2]Unlimited GBUnlimitedcPanelUnlimited$7.95More Details


            • [1] This cheap hosting plan is offered via their parent brand, Hostinger. Includes Weekly Backups, APC Cache, PHP 7.1. Free domain.
            • [2] As above, but includes daily backups.

            Free Hosting Plans

            Plan NameSpaceBandwidthPanelNo. of SitesPrice
            Free Hosting [1]1 GB GB10 GBcPanel2$0More Details


            • [1] The website will sleep (be offline) for one hour each day (exact time of your choosing).

            Frequently asked questions

            Do they take backups?

            They take monthly backups. You can find these under the backups section of the control panel. To obtain a copy of your backup, click “Make backups available for download.” You can then download them to your computer.

            To restore a backup click “1-Click website restore.” You can then upload the archive you wish to restore.

            What is sleep time?
            Every website gets one hour of sleep time. Your site will not be available to the public during sleep time. You can set the sleep time to your choosing such as during the night.
            How many free hosting accounts can you have?
            There are no limits to the number of accounts you may have. Each has a set amount of resources, so you should limit it to just one site. If you have multiple websites, we recommend one account for each.
            Where is the 000Webhost company located?
            The web hosting company is based in Cyprus.
            Is the hosting really free?
            Yes, they will not charge you for anything. Premium upgrades are available.
            How does 000Webhost make their money?
            They own Hosting24 and Hostinger hosting company. Their primary source of funding is by selling their paid hosting plans. Happy customers also appear to donate money.
            Does 000Webhost offer a free domain name?

            They offer a free subdomain (i.e., example.000webhostapp.com). You can also use your own top-level domain name.

            Their cheap web hosting brand, Hostinger, offers domains and SSL certificates. We recommend registering domains with a third party. This in-depth guide shows you how. We recommend Namecheap, who provide cheap domain hosting.

            Do they offer a one-click installer?
            Yes. A WordPress installer is available on their free hosting. Their Premium hosting comes with over 300 auto installer scripts.
            Do they offer Support?

            000Webhost used to provide ticket support, which was rare for free hosting. They stopped ticket support in August 2016.

            They now only offer forum-based community support.

            Do they offer Windows Hosting?
            No. They only offer Linux hosting at this time.
            What control panel do they use?
            A custom admin panel.
            Do they offer PHP Hosting, and if so what version of PHP do they support?
            Yes, PHP is available. They offer multiple versions ranging from PHP 5.2 to PHP 7.1.
            Do they offer ruby on rails?
            No. Ruby on Rails is not available at this time.
            Do they offer a website builder?
            Yes, they offer Zyro Site Builder for free with their website hosting.
            Does 000Webhost support ASP.net
            No. They only support Linux Servers, not Windows.
            Does 000Webhost offer Dedicated Servers or VPS hosting?
            VPS hosting, shared premium web hosting plans, and Business hosting are available. It does not offer a dedicated server.
            Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

            About the author

            Editor, Hosting Expert, SEO Developer, & SEO Consultant.

            Jonathan is currently the Editor & CEO at The Webmaster. He is also an SEO Developer offering consultancy services, primarily to other web development companies. He specializes in the technical side of SEO, including site audits, development of SEO related features, and site structure & strategy.

            In his spare time, Jonathan has a passion for learning. He regularly undertakes professional courses on subjects ranging from python, web development, digital marketing, and Advanced Google Analytics.

            Read more about Jonathan Griffin on our About Page.