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Overall Rating: 5.80

Support: 4.82

Speed: 6.47

Features: 6.06

Uptime: 6.82

Value: 4.82

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“DreamHost has been leading the charge when it comes to open source stacks, which shows in their strong Cloud Computing offerings.

With a rock solid reputation, decent support, and reliable services, this is one for your shortlist. "

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Users Reviews (Rated 5.80 / 10)

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 16 Shared Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 6.15

Support: 5.13

Speed: 6.81

Features: 6.44

Uptime: 7.25

Value: 5.13

Date: November 13, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 3.00

Man they used to be so good. Support has gone way downhill from when I joined in 2010. Ugh.

If you’re looking to sign up, know that their proprietary panel really locks you in. It is very difficult to move your sites to another provider. So buyer beware!

  • PROS: Decent packages, uptime, services
  • CONS: Price way too high, support is terrible
Date: October 24, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

I signed up to Dreamhost around 8 months ago, after being suggested by other friends in the design/development industry. I liked their modern interface (which is hard to come by compared to other hosts), which provided quick and easy access to the main features across their site. Their support is second to none, however the waiting times for a live chat session can sometimes peak at 15 minutes, which can be a little hectic if something goes wrong.
Date: October 4, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 3.00

Simply put, not the best choice for hosting a website.

  • PROS: From technical and technological perspective they are pretty much as most other web-hosting companies.
  • CONS: The technical and customer support is just terrible. Waited for SEVERAL DAYS for their “ticket support” reply, which wasn’t even comprehensive enough to address the (simple) issue. Cancelled after a week of trying it. My website was down once for several hours even during that short period! Most other web-hosting companies offer live chat support for the same money, and much better reliability and functionality.
Date: June 3, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 4.00

Stay away from this company if you value your business, and I’ll tell you why:

I have been a customer of Dream Host for about 15 years. In the early years they were very good and very helpful. I had 4 dedicated servers with them. However, in the last few years they started having down time issues and other problems. Worst of all, their customer support was really hard to get a hold of. When they did reply they did not offer much help and you had to wait until they would reply again the next day.

However, it was nothing compared to what happened to me this year. They told me that they would be moving my server. I was OK with it and it was presented to me as a no big deal event. When the move has happened all of my websites have broke. I have websites who make money and some are just there to uphold my web presence and reputation. I have contacted Dream Host support and it was about 3 days!!! after when they finally got back to me!

Three days of having all of my websites down!!!

But even that is not the worst part. They accused me of having my website improperly coded and told me it was a web development issue. Of course, I told them that the sites have been working for years and the move was the one that broke it all. I investigated myself what broke and guess what? Most permissions were not carried over and were missing. Mounts and some packages were missing as well.

Once again, I contacted them telling them that they are screwing with my web presence and my income. I told them what I found out why everything broke. Even though this was a matter of permissions, mounts and packages that were not carried over by the Dream Host team in the move – I was, once again, told that it was my fault and I had to fix it since it was a “web development issue”.

Finally, they sent me an email and told me they did not want to host my websites anymore! I’m extremely disappointed. Needless to say I ran away to another hosting company who was happy to have a loyal customer who has never missed a payment!

Stay away from this company if you value your business!

  • PROS: good control panel
  • CONS: Can ruin your business, bad customer support
Date: February 25, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

This is the best web hosting.

Pros: It has 100% uptime.

Cons: Its support is some how not good.

Date: February 24, 2016
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 7.00

I have been a Dreamhost customer since 2004, but at last, its time for a change. You really cant complain too much about the service as their uptime is great. Things only start to get shaky once you have to upgrade your ecommerce scripts from time to time. They only offer 2 versions of PHP, so if you run a custom script, be prepared to have some compatibility issues. The control panel is pretty straight forward, just gets some getting used to. All in all, its been a good ride, but its time to try something else.

Pros: Uptime

Cons: Constant script compatibility issues.

Date: November 23, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 4.00

Used to host my site on DH, eventually moved away because of the difficult to navigate panel. Still had my domain registration with them. When it was ready to expire, I attempted to transfer to a competitor. The auth code listed by DH was invalid. It took them over 5 days to get a new auth code reissued. Customer service was slow to respond the entire time. I finally had to re-up for another year with DH after my registration expired while waiting for their customer service. Miraculously, within an hour or so of renewing, they sent the auth code. Terrible customer service. Do not use. Use anyone else.

Pros: Cheap, sort of.

Cons: Absolutely terrible support.

Date: September 3, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

Dreamhost is awesome! I’ve been using their services for a very long time now. They are always great to work with when it comes to purchasing and applying new features. They also have great setup documentation, and their customer support team has been very helpful with providing me with advice on better ways for achieving my goals.
Date: August 6, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 9.00

I love Dreamhost. Their incredible stability and uptime are the best things about them. In the past, I have used several less expensive hosting services. However, there were always problems with their support and uptime. I got sick and tired of super cheap hosting services, and decided to give a “real” hosting company a chance. A few of my friends recommended them to me, so I decided to try it.

However, I don’t have any experience dealing with their customer service. Why? Because everything has worked without a hitch, and I haven’t had any problems. I have had hosting with them for around one year, and I have never had any downtime. Their customer service is available 24/7, so I’m sure it is good. I also haven’t had any problems with the speed. It is very stable and fast.

Another thing I really like it the control panel. I would think just about everyone would find it easy to understand. It is very user friendly and has great features. I still think the biggest con when it comes to this hosting service is the amount of features. In my opinion, it is quite suitable for bloggers and beginners. It comes with an automatic script installer that helps you with configuring WordPress and other programs and works quite well.

I’m definitely not an advanced web developer. However, those types of individuals might miss some features that aren’t part of the control panel.

In summary, I think they are an incredible hosting service for intermediate and beginning users. I highly recommend it due to its uptime, user friendliness and speed!

Date: June 22, 2015
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 4.00

I have been a DreamHost customer since 2006. I’m actually getting ready to leave because I’m sick and tired of getting poor customer support from them. I was forced to switch to a private server account to have a feature that was formerly free. Ever since then my websites have practically come to a complete stop. Even for webmail the performance is bad. I have sent several support tickets, but the problem of my database calls timing out still hasn’t been resolved.
Date: December 16, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

Finding a new hosting company is never fun. However, when a hosting company starts to keep the website down, more than it is up, people tend to take notice. When I started to look for a new hosting company I had to find one quickly because I was losing sales. This is when I found Dreamhost and decided to take a chance on the hosting company.
Date: December 1, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 8.00

So after so many years of saying that I was going to build a website, I finally got off my couch and did it. I admit, a big reason I put it off was because the whole concept of paying for space and working with a provider was daunting to me. I’m not really a tech kind of person when it comes to web design. My goal was to edit a simple template and throw it up on the web. Dreamhost let me do exactly that.

I chose them because my friend really likes them. She was able to get a great grandfathered deal, but I have to pay a little more than her for a year’s worth of service. I do, however, get a free domain registration with it, so I got to save some money there. Really, they save you a lot of money. They have built in plug-ins for things like a shopping cart and Wordpress. They are one-click installs, meaning I don’t have to worry about doing any of that by myself. Score!

Overall I am very happy with them. There was one time I had to call them, though, and I got put on hold for a long time. The representative was also kinda rude. However, I don’t hold that one person against the whole company. If it becomes a pattern though I will probably complain

Date: September 25, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 6.00

I have been using Dreamhost for quite a while, and never had any problems with them. I do not have the premium support option, which I would have liked but not really willing to pay extra for that. I am very happy with the speed for my WordPress based site, and never really had a problem with downtime. I originally purchased with the benefit of a significant discount and if I was to get that on renewal I certainly would stay, but I think I will probably try a different host to take advantage of a discount elsewhere. Apart from the price I would highly recommend these guys.
Date: May 11, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 5.00

I have DreamHost for my sites and clients. Generally I’m happy with them, but in the last year it feels their speed has significantly dropped. I have periodic outages where my WP sites won’t connect to the database server. They did move my sites to a new server, supposedly, but I still get two or three 20 minute drops a day.

BUT at least their support is nice and polite via the email system and Twitter.

Date: January 12, 2014
Hosting Type: Shared Hosting

User Rating: 6.00

One of my buddies uses Dreamhost, and he is quite happy with their service. There’s really only one thing he has ever complained about, and that’s the support. He said that whenever he has a problem, the support simply refers him to their wiki page, and expects him to solve the problem on his own.

The user ratings to the right reflect the total rating score of all 1 Dedicated Hosting Reviews left by our readers.

Overall: 0.20

Support: 0.00

Speed: 1.00

Features: 0.00

Uptime: 0.00

Value: 0.00

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Do DreamHost offer a money-back guarantee?

They give you a 97-day money back guarantee, which is one of the longest trial periods available.

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