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The Webmaster News newsletter is sent out approximately every two weeks. My goal is to provide you with news and actionable insights in the Search, Hosting, and Development community. Check out our sister site The Search Review for more in-depth Search News.

  • LIVE: Webmaster News - Edition 08

    This edition is currently Live. It will be updated daily until the newsletter is sent out to readers on or around the 4th November 2019.

  • Webmaster News - Edition 07- October 8, 2019

    In this edition, we cover 2 Google Algorithm Updates, how Nofollow links may soon be important, changes to review snippets, Google’s new Search News Series, how it feels to browse the web in 2019, and much more.

  • Webmaster News - Edition 06 - September 16, 2019.

    In this edition, we cover 3 Google Updates, look at the new link attributes, the updated Quality Raters Guidelines, free coding boot camp, the new Lazy Loading attribute, and more.

  • Webmaster News - Edition 05 - March 20, 2019.

    In this edition, Google confirms Site Speed is an important ranking factor, a Major Core Google Update, Several Security Vulnerabilities, and we look at an emulator for the very first web browser.

  • Webmaster News - Edition 04 - March 5, 2019.

    In this edition, we look at three different Google Updates, a Major SEO issue with WP Engine, check in on the battle between Rand Fishkin & Google, look at how to improve page loads with Instant Page, look at Chrome’s new Scroll to Text feature, and more.

  • Webmaster News - Edition 03 - February 14, 2019.

    In this edition, Google’s Self-Proclaimed ‘Chief of Sunshine and Happiness & trends analyst’ does AMA on Reddit, GitHub Pages get hacked, two Google Updates, and EIG reports declining user numbers.

  • Webmaster News Edition 02 - January 28, 2019.

    In this edition, Bob Ross does the Floss, Google Chrome Changes could destroy ad-blockers, GoDaddy backs down over JavaScript injection, Disavowing Links is not dead… Yet!, and much more.

  • Webmaster News Edition 01 - January 15, 2019.

    In this Edition, I take a look at the Google Update on the 6-12th January, WordPress 5, Github private repos on free plans, a look at the tech stack of thewebmaster.com, and much more!

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