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In this edition, we cover 2 Google Algorithm Updates, a detailed look at how Nofollow links may soon be important, changes to self-serving review snippets, Google’s new Search News YouTube Series, how it feels to browse the web in 2019, and much more.

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Use Multiple Sitemaps to Monitor Different Parts of Your Site

Google’s John Mueller responded to a Reddit user asking about sitemap size with some interesting insights. Mueller commented on how you can use multiple sitemaps to troubleshoot indexing issues on specific areas of your site.

There is no ideal size (other than that it should be below the maximum size limits :-)). I generally recommend splitting a sitemap file into logical parts of your site so that you can monitor those parts individually (eg, category pages vs detail pages vs whatever else you have)

Google’s John Mueller confirmed on Twitter that using nofollow tags on internal links to sculpture PageRank do not work.

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