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Our mission is to he bloggers and small business owners to #MasterTheWeb and create a successful online presence.

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Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

Our goal is to help you #MasterTheWeb by producing high quality tutorials and guides.

Jonathan Griffin is Editor at The Webmaster. He has over two decades experience in managing an online presence, who started building WordPress websites over 7 years ago. A passion for web development and search engine optimization followed, resulting in Jonathan offering WordPress development and SEO services to clients with associated web hosting services.

Since 2013 Jonathan has been helping people with their online presence via his website Best Host News, which later rebranded into The Webmaster. The Webmaster has been his full time devotion ever since.

Jonathan is an expert in Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Python Programming, HTMLS, SASS, and the GoLang templating language. He built the Webmaster's latest website version using GoHugo Static Site Generator, which successfully launched in November 2018.

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