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All our content is written by experts in order to help you #MasterTheWeb.

Jonathan is currently the Editor & CEO at The Webmaster. He is also an SEO Developer \ Consultant offering services to smaller web development companies. He specializes in the technical side of SEO, including site audits, development of SEO related features, and consulting on site structure & strategy.

Jonathan provides consultancy services as an SEO developer, specializing in the technical side of SEO, and implementation of SEO-specific features such as:

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages for increased visibility and performance.
  • Structured Data to help Google better understand your webpage.
  • Site Optimization, including performance, Auditing, and Strategy.

As Editor, Jonathan strives to create content that is useful for webmasters.

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Editor: Jonathan Griffin
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Telephone: +44 1223969674 (voicemail only)

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TheWebmaster.com Ltd.
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Small Businesses now have access to all the tools and resources to build and promote their own website. With a little learning, you can save significant costs while also reducing your reliance on expensive web development companies.

Jonathan Griffin

CEO at The Webmaster