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Our mission is to he bloggers and small business owners to #MasterTheWeb and create a successful online presence.
Jonathan Griffin. Editor @ The Webmaster

Our goal is to help you #MasterTheWeb by producing high quality tutorials and guides.

Jonathan is currently the Editor & CEO at The Webmaster, as well as it's sister publication [The Search Review](https://www.thesearchreview.com/). He is also an SEO Developer \ Consultant offering services to smaller web development companies. He specializes in the technical side of SEO, including site audits, development of SEO related features, and consulting on site structure & strategy.

He previously offered WordPress development and web hosting services to clients, but now his passion is to help small businesses and bloggers develop a successful online presence.

In his spare time, Jonathan has a passion for learning. He regularly undertakes professional courses (via Udacity, TeamTreeHouse, etc.) on subjects ranging from python, web development, digital marketing, and Advanced Google Analytics.

Jonathan is an expert in SEO, Digital Marketing, Google Analytics, Python Programming, HTML, SASS, and the GoLang templating language. He built The Webmaster's latest website version using the GoHugo Static Site Generator.

Prior to his SEO and Development career, Jonathan was a Commercial Property Solicitor in the UK. This has given him a can-do attitude, with first-class problem solving skills.

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