About The Webmaster

About The Webmaster

From the latest SEO & Web Hosting News to featured editorials, tutorials and reviews. We have all the resources needed to help any webmaster succeed with their website.

The Webmaster covers the intersection of Web Hosting, Search Engine Optimization and Website Development, aimed at helping small business owners, bloggers and website enthusiasts.

The WebmasterThe Webmaster (formerly Best Host News) was founded in September 2013 as primarly a hosting news website focusing on the most popular web hosting providers.

Over time, coverage was extended to Search Engine Optimization News and WordPress related tutorials. As our reputation grew, an increasing number of users wanted to know the best place to host their website, and in response we reviewed all the most popular web hosting providers.

In September 2016, our website underwent a complete overhaul.  At the same time we rebranded to "The Webmaster" to more reflect our focus on all things to do with starting and maintaining a website.

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