Google: Penguin Real-Time Update Still Not Announced

Feb 24, 2016
2 min read
Google Algorithm Update

In a [Google Hangout]((, Webmaster Trends Analyst John Mueller confirmed that he still has not heard anything about an announcement date for the next Penguin Update.

This comes a week after Google’s Zineb Ait confirmed that they were aiming to launch “as soon as it is ready,” but equally, could not “tell when it will be rolled out.”

The last Google Penguin Update took place in December 2014, so many webmasters are understandably concerned about the delays and anxious about the next update.

For a website to be penalized for so long can be crippling to any business, especially when they may have cleared up the spammy links within months of being hit by the penalty.

Furthermore, Google has over the last six months given repeated indications that an update was coming soon (although they always said there was no guarantee). We are now at the stage where the SEO community is hanging on Google’s every word about the subject.

In the Google Hangout, the question was asked at time 52:30:

Barry Schwartz : How is Penguin doing?

John Mueller : I don’t know. I haven’t seen any announcement dates go by.

It is not a big update, and not that helpful. It does, however, stop you wondering if the update will be imminent. From this, it sounds like we still have some wait before we get any concrete date from Google.

You can view the discussion in the video below: