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Overall Rating: 6.36

Support: 5.27

Speed: 7.00

Features: 6.60

Uptime: 7.60

Value: 5.33

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  • Best Discount - 40% OFF

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40% off shared hosting
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How to use your DreamHost Promo Code

How to use your DreamHost Hosting Coupons
  1. Click the ‘Logout’ icon in the top right-hand corner of the dashboard
    Select your chosen DreamHost Coupon.
  2. Click the ‘Start Now’ button at the top of the page

    Once you click the DreamHost Coupon above you will be taken to their website showing a red circle at the top right of the page showing the level of discount. On the main part of the screen you will see the discounted monthly price.

    To take advantage of the offer just select the “Get Started Now” button as shown in the screenshot.

    This will take you to the configuration screen where you can create your account, configure domain, decide on which billing plan you want to use (i.e. monthly, yearly) and then arrange for payment.

    Click the 'Start Now' button at the top of the page
  3. Create your Account

    When signing up for hosting the first thing you need to do is create your account by entering your email address and choosing a secure password.

    The password needs to contain both letters and numbers. You will see the word “good” to indicate that your password is acceptable.

    Once you have entered your chosen email and password click “continue”.

    Create your Account
  4. Configure a Domain

    The next step is to search for a new domain to register for your hosting account, enter an existing domain you already own, or start with a free “.dreamhosters.com” subdomain.

    Alternatively, you can skip this step and configure your domain at a later time.

    I recommend you only purchase hosting with DreamHost and use Namecheap (see our Namecheap Review) to buy your domain name.

    Once you have decided on how to configure your domain, click “continue”.

    Configure a Domain
  5. Choose your Plan

    You have the option of paying monthly, yearly, or three-yearly. The discount applies to the yearly and three-yearly plans.

    The screenshot below shows a slight discrepency between the yearly and three-yearly discount, but even so, you still may wish to lock in your savings for three years.

    Choose your Plan
  6. Choose your Add-ons

    There is a currently a choice of three different add-ons:

    • Malware Remover - $3 per month
    • WordPress Installation - Free
    • MySQL VPS - Free for first week, then $15 per month

    The most exciting add-on is the MySQL VPS. This is a premium MySQL database service that uses an isolated Linux-VServer that provides dedicated resources. This makes dynamic websites, such as WordPress much faster (although you may want to consider their specialist WordPress hosting instead).

    Choose your Add-ons
  7. Set Up Payment
    Arrange payment for your services. In our experience, you will get an immediate email confirming the purchase, along with immediate setup of your services.although you may want to consider their specialist WordPress hosting instead).

Frequently asked questions

Can you advise which hosting plan I should choose?

They offer two different types of shared hosting; standard and Managed WordPress hosting. Both come with SSD storage and have many different options. If you want additional performance related features, and better WordPress security then you may wish to consider the Managed WordPress hosting, although this does come with some limitations, such as no cPanel, so you should review the specifications carefully before purchasing.

Their WordPress hosting has the option of using PHP 5.5 with OPcache (we imagine PHP 7 will be made available soon), HHVM, Varnish Caching and Memcached.

Can I pay monthly?
Yes, they offer the ability to pay monthly, but it costs $10,95 per month instead of $8,95 per month when you pay for two years in advance.
What other billing cycles do they offer?
They offer monthly, yearly and two-yearly plans. The best value plan is their two-yearly plans, but there are still some savings for paying annually.
Do DreamHost offer a free domain?
Yes, they do offer a free domain with their standard shared hosting plan.
What types of payment can I use to pay?

They accept the following payment methods:

  • PayPal
  • Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and Diners Club)
  • Checking Account
  • Check or Money Order
  • Gift Certificate

If you are purchasing any items that require payment up front, such as domain registrations, SSL certificates, etc. then the payment must be made via credit card. You can also use PayPal, but you must make a prepayment to your account first.

Does DreamHost accept PayPal?
Yes, they do accept PayPal.
Does DreamHost accept Bitcoin?
They do not accept Bitcoin at this time. If paying by Bitcoin is essential, then we suggest Namecheap.
Is there a money-back guarantee? If so how long?
They have one of the longest money-back guarantees available, but you should be aware of the following:

  • It only applies to credit card payments.
  • It only applies to their shared hosting plans (not managed WordPress hosting).
Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?
Yes, the cost of hosting will go up once you renew, as the initial discount offered by our coupons only applies to the first invoice. You will need to sign up for at least one year to take advantage of our discount code.
Are there any hidden or setup fees?
No, the amount payable is clearly shown when you sign up for your account. There are no additional fees added to your account.
What currency do they use?
All payments of services are made in the USD currency. Therefore, your credit card or bank will set the exchange rate when making payment.
Do you have a separate billing department?
No, all of their support acts as one unified team. You should submit a support ticket to discuss billing issues.
Does DreamHost offer discounts for charitable organizations?
Yes, they do. However, we would still recommend using our own promotional code, as it is better. You can then contact them about the charitable discount before renewal. You cannot use our discount at the same time as any charitable discount.
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