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Shared Hosting
20% Off Shared Hosting
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How to use your HostNine Promo Code

How to use your Hostnine Hosting Coupons
  1. Click the required Hostnine discount code
    The link open up a popup box, enabling you to copy the Hostnine Promo Codes to your clipboard and take you to their website. This will save you having to write down the Coupon Code as you can just “right-click” and select “paste” at the relevant time
  2. Choose your hosting plan

    This tutorial shows how to sign up for one of their shared hosting plans with one of our Hostnine Promo Code. The instructions may differ when signing up for one of their other services.

    Click on the link for your chosen hosting type, and then on the next screen choose your hosting plan.

    Choose your hosting plan
  3. Enter your domain information
    The next stage is to enter your domain information. You will have a choice from the following:

    • I’d like to order a new domain — If you sign up for 12 months or more, they will give you a free domain. Please note that the cost of the domain will be deducted if you decide to seek a refund.
    • I want to transfer my domain to you — If you wish to transfer your domain to them, this is the option you choose. We recommend that you do not do this as you can get a much better deal with a company like Namecheap.
    • I want to ‘point’ my domain at you — If you do not wish to purchase a domain, and wish to point your existing domain (the one you already own, or one you will order elsewhere) this is the option you should choose. You can then update the nameservers with your domain registrar to point to the designated ones specified in your welcome email.
    Enter your domain information
  4. Choose your billing period and website location

    We recommend that you pay yearly, as it works out considerably cheaper in the long term. Not only will you get a discount for paying annually, but you will get our discount on top of this also for even more savings.

    At the bottom, you should select the server location you require, along with any addons.

    Choose your billing period and website location
  5. Enter your Hostnine Coupon Code
    To ensure you get the benefit of our coupon code and additional money off your purchase make sure you enter the Hostnine coupon in the box at the bottom of the page and click “validate code”. If the Promo code works, you will see the coupon box turn green with details of the discount.
    Enter your Hostnine Coupon Code
  6. Continue to Checkout.
    Arrange payment for your services. In our experience, the account will be setup instantly, with a welcome mail with all your login details arriving within minutes.

Frequently asked questions

Can you advise which hosting plan I should choose?

Hostnine offer “unlimited hosting”, meaning not advertised limits on disk space and bandwidth. As such there are only a few differences between the various hosting plans, including choice of location, and whether it comes with free SSL, dedicated IP, free domain and priority support.

The personal plan comes with no free domain, doesn’t have priority support and doesn’t include a free dedicated IP or SSL.

The Business Plan includes everything in the Personal Plan but also includes a free domain, and choice of location (UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, US (East, Central & West) and Australia. You can host unlimited websites on this plan.

The Enterprise is more suitable for those needing SSL & dedicated IP, as it comes free with these things. It also offers priority support.

Regarding CPU \ RAM and other resources, there is no difference between the plans.

Can I pay monthly?
You can pay monthly or even six-monthly, but it costs significantly more should you wish to do so.
o you get a free domain?

Hostnine offer a free domain with the Business and Enterprise plans. However, only the most common domain extensions such as .com, .net, .org, .uk, .us, .biz or .info are included.

If you exercise the right to refund, any free domain offered will be charged for at the prevailing rates (.i.e. deducted from the refund).

What types of payment can I use to pay?

Hostnine have three choices for payment. You can pay by debit card, credit card, or PayPal.

During the checkout process, you can select whether you wish for your debit \ credit card to be automatically charged on renewal, or whether you wish for it to be a one-time payment.

Does Hostnine accept Paypal?
Yes, they do accept and fully support PayPal.
Do they accept Bitcoin??
They do not accept Bitcoin at this time. If paying by Bitcoin is essential, then we suggest Namecheap.
Is there a money back-guarantee? If so how long?

Hostnine offer a 45-day money-back guarantee for their shared hosting plans, as well as their cloud VPS and reseller packages. The guarantee only covers the cost of the hosting, as all add-ons \ third party services (including free domains) are specifically excluded.

After the 45 days, you can claim a prorated refund that will then be credited to your account.

Will my price go up when my hosting plan renews?
Yes, the cost of hosting will go up once you renew, as the initial discount offered by our Hostnine coupons only applies to the first invoice.
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