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14 days Free Trial
Completely free 14-day free trial. No Credit Card required.

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Frequently asked questions

Will I need to give my credit card to sign up for the free trial?

No, the free trial is completely risk free. You do not need to provide any payment details. All that is required is your email, password, and Store Name.

What do Shopify charge for when billing and how do I pay?

There are 4 aspects to your bill:

  • Subscription - This is the fee for your Shopify Plan.
  • Apps - This applies if you have installed any third-party apps, and includes recurring fees, usage fees, and one-time fees.
  • Shipping - Any fees for shipping labels.
  • Transaction Fees - Any transaction charges associated with your account. This is only applied if not ussing Shopify Payments.

Shopify suggests using a valid credit card from Mastercard, Visa, or American Express to pay your Shopify expenses. Your credit card needs to allow for recurring payments.

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