Amazon Plans First Cloud Data Centers in Canada


Amazon Plans First Cloud Data Centers in Canada

The public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services announced on 13th January 2016 that it will open a new region on data centers in Montreal, in Canada.

The public cloud infrastructure provider Amazon Web Services announced on 13th January 2016 that it will open a new Canada data center, located in Montreal. The new data center is due to launch sometime in the next twelve months according to the announcement on the Amazon Web Services website.

These data centers will be Amazon’s first venture into opening data centers north of the US border; this reveal comes very shortly after Amazon Web Services announced that they would be opening centers in South Korea, which marked another venture into being a more global cloud web service provider.

Amazon’s Jeff Barr said that the venture was part of its expansion into different regions across the world:

“We continue to announce, build, and launch additional AWS regions as our customer base becomes larger, more diverse, and accustomed to running many different types of workloads in the cloud.”

Barr continued the announcement:

“I am happy to announce that we will be opening an AWS region in Montreal, Québec, Canada in the coming year. This region will be carbon-neutral and powered almost entirely by clean, renewable hydro power ... Today’s announcement means that our global infrastructure now comprises 32 Availability Zones across 12 geographic regions worldwide, with another 5 AWS regions (and 11 Availability Zones) in Canada, China, India, Ohio, and the United Kingdom coming online throughout the next year (see the AWS Global Infrastructure page for more info.)”

He continued:

“As always, we are looking forward to serving new and existing Canadian customers and to working with partners in the area. Of course, the new region will also be open to existing AWS customers who would like to process and store data in Canada.”

This expansion into Canada will be a welcome piece of news to many AWS customers in Canada, who have as yet not had their own region for data storage despite the service being available for ten years within Canada. Customers using these applications could have a better performance if they used a data center within their region.

Amazon Continues Worldwide Cloud Expansion

So far, Amazon has already expanded its geographic reach and its web hosting services many times and built itself into a global company; recently, AWS has become much more committed to opening data centers and regions of operation in India, Korea, Ohio and also the United Kingdom.

Many other cloud providers, such as the Google Cloud Platform, and also Microsoft Azure, have already expanded their own fleets of data centers in their own quest to compete with Amazon. However, Amazon remains the leader in the market, and the clouds also compete on prices and features.

AWS has by now built up more than 1 million customers, and it has also generated more than $2 billion in revenue for Amazon in the third quarter of 2015. One of the reasons Microsoft has become this successful in the market of web service providing is that it has kept pace with the market’s developments, and also kept ahead of its rivals regarding expansion. It has done this by extending the physical reach of its cloud services, which is an increasingly important part of competing for the dollars to be earned from customers around the globe, who all care more and more about the location of their data.

Today, there are twenty-two Azure regions worldwide which are available; there are also four more waiting for their general availability, or currently available to certain customers only. There are also 12 AWS regions, and five more are being worked on to be brought to AWS customers and the public.

Microsoft said in June 2015 that it would be building data centers in Toronto and Quebec City and that they also expected them to launch them in 2016. Barr, however, did not mention a specific target date for the anticipated launching of the data centers in Canada when he wrote his blog post about the project.

It remains, however, that in some geographical areas Microsoft has in fact been building and bringing online cloud data centers faster than Amazon. For instance, their space in India has shown them expanding into one of the fastest developing markets in the world; they opened three locations in India and expanded in the country faster than anyone else.

Microsoft and Amazon Go Head To Head

It was expected that both Microsoft and AWS would go head to head against each other in announcing plans to launch data centers in the UK, which is a crucial market; in this market, it has become more and more important to have a geographical presence on the ground. For cloud providers, since last year’s annulment rules that governed the storage of European users’ data centers outside of Europe, Microsoft stated that it was building more cloud data centers outside of Europe, and Microsoft also announced that it was building cloud data centers in the UK.

This shows how the competition in the cloud provider service market is expanding all the time, and with this new announcement of AWS expanding into Canada, it can be seen that they are committed to being at the forefront of these developments. The opening of the new data centers by AWS in Canada not only show that they are committed to providing the best cloud provision service to their existing and prospective customers, but also that they are going to continue their competition to expand in this market.

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