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How to Change Your Nameservers at GoDaddy

Jan 04, 2023
2 min read
Change GoDaddy Nameserver Settings

Now you have registered your domain name with GoDaddy, the next step is to configure it to work with your web hosting.

If you use GoDaddy for your web hosting, your domain name will work automatically. Otherwise, you must point your domain to your web hosting provider.

Generally, when pointing your domain to your web hosting provider, you have two options:

This tutorial will deal with the latter.

How to Change your Nameservers at GoDaddy

GoDaddy Nameserver FAQs

Why can't I change your GoDaddy Nameservers?

You cannot change your nameservers if any of the following domain statuses’ apply:

  • Has a change of account been started? (to another GoDaddy account)
  • Has an ICANN verification been requested? (status will say “pending”)
  • Is the domain a CCTLD? (Country-Code domain) Some Registrars have restrictions on the nameservers that can be used for their domains.

If any of these apply, you should contact GoDaddy support, who will be able to assist further.