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How to Create an Autoresponder in CPanel

Jan 04, 2023
4 min read
Autoresponder in cPanel

The cPanel Autoresponder feature allows you to automatically send response messages if you are unavailable for any reason, such as on holiday. The emails will still reach your inbox, and you can deal with them at a later date.

Another reason to use an Autoresponder is if you have a “no-reply” email address. It is recommended to set up an automatic email reply to say no one has seen the email.

I’ll now walk you through how to create an autoresponder using the cPanel Paper Lantern theme.

How to create a cPanel Autoresponder

Deleting an Autoresponder

You can remove an autoresponder when you no longer need to use it.

If you use a specific autoresponder often, instead of deleting it, you can change the email address to which it applies to a non-existent one.

You can then reactivate it in the future by changing the email address back.