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HTML Abbr Attribute

Dec 12, 2022
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HTML abbr Attribute


The abbr Attribute specifies a short abbreviated description or alternative label for the header cell.

Applicable Elements

The abbr Attribute can be used with the following elements:

HTML <th> abbr Attribute

A <th> element represents a table cell used for a heading. The exact nature of the heading is determined by the scope and headers attributes.

The abbr attribute specifies a short abbreviated description or alternative label. This may be announced by technology such as screen readers before cell content.


<th abbr="Model">Model of car</th>


  • The abbr attribute may contain an abbreviated version, expansion, or different phrasing of the content in the header cell.
  • The abbr attribute may be used in other situations, such as referencing what header cells apply to a data cell. See the headers attribute for more details.
  • The abbr attribute value is not displayed on the HTML page, but it is often read by assistive technologies such as screen readers. For example, a screen reader may read out the <th> content value on the first reading, followed by the value of the abbr attribute on subsequent readings.


Values can include:

  • text


A table that has abbreviated headings for screen readers:

            <th abbr="Make">Car Manufacturer</th>
            <th abbr="Model">Car Model</th>


The abbr HTML specification for the <th> element is as follows:

Browser Support

The abbr attribute has the following browser support:




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