Use Rank Ranger Risk Index to Alert you to Major Serp Changes


Use Rank Ranger Risk Index to Alert you to Major Serp Changes

The Rank Ranger Risk Index is a Search Engine Ranking Pages tracking tool that allows you to keep track of volatility and other changes happening with the search engines.

We have been using Rank Ranger to monitor both our own and our SEO client SERP changes for well over a year now.  Not only does it allow us to monitor how well our SEO actions are doing, but it allows us to focus our efforts in the right place for maximum return on our time and money. 

Now, this article is not intending to provide a Rank Ranger Review (although we have highlighted some of the main features below).  What we want to do is showcase their Rank Ranger Risk Index which provides a simple easy for reading chart showing how much the SERPs have changed over the last 30 days, and best of all it is completely free.

rankranger (imported #7787)

How the Rank Ranger Risk Index Chart Works

The  Rank Ranger Risk Index measures SERP fluctuations for over 10,000 domains and keywords that Rank Ranger monitor daily.  The chart numbers indicate the change in rankings on any particular date.  The higher the risk index, the more movement the SERPs has seen.  If you see a red bar, then it is advisable to check your rankings, and perhaps take action as required.

The great thing about this Index is that by keeping tabs on it, you will be alerted before anyone else that a Google "predator" is on the loose, and can react and adapt to any Google Algorithm changes as quickly as possible.

Another thing we would mention is that the kind of websites monitored by Rank Ranger are more likely to be undertaking in Search Engine Optimization with an assortment of White Hat and Black Hat methods being used.  Because of this, the Index is even more useful to indicate whether Google has changed its algorithm, and how people active in SEO have been hit.

Does a Red Bar mean you will lose rankings?

The answer is no.  For all those that lose rankings, there will be others that increase rankings.  Google refreshes its algorithms periodically, such as Penguin (over-optimization penalty), or Panda (low-quality content penalty), and when these are updated, it can hit many more of the spammy type websites.  Historically, with Best Host News, because we only do White Hat SEO we look forward to the red bars, as it indicates to us an increase in rankings.

Rank Ranger WordPress Plugin

Because we like to keep an eye on the Index daily, we have created a little WordPress plugin to embed the Rank Ranger Risk Index onto our WordPress administration dashboard.  This means every time you log into WordPress; you will be able to tell at a glance whether any major changes are afoot.  You can download the WordPress plugin here.  It is a smart, uncluttered plugin that does no more than embed the chart you see above onto your dashboard.

Also, the plugin adds a widget, which you can then place in one of your widget areas (although you need quite a wide space for it to fit properly).  One other useful feature of the plugin is the ability to add the chart to any WordPress post or page by simply adding the shortcode:


A little more about Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is in our opinion the most feature rich rank tracking service out there that we know about.  While this is not intended to be a full Rank Ranger Review we thought you might be interested in learning a little more about their features, and why we rate them so highly.

  • Daily SERP Tracking — Rank Ranger track down to 500 places, far more than most tracking services which usually only track down to 100 or so.  With their cheapest plan, you can track up to 3 different search engines, whether that be Google in multiple locations (i.e. &, but also Bing, Yahoo or even YouTube, Alexa, Baidu and Yandex among others. 

    rankranger rank tracking
  • Competitor Tracking — We particularly like tracking the SERPs of our competitors.  With Rank Ranger you can track up to 3, to enable you to react or take advantage of particular opportunities.
  • Awesome Reporting — Whether you want to build White Label PDF reports, or offer people access to a White Label Portal (we love this for client reporting), Rank Ranger offer the most information rich reporting environment you can image.  This is especially so when you consider their integration with Google Analytics to provide traffic statistics as part of that.
  • Google Analytics — Rank Ranger integrates with Google Analytics to provide detailed information about the relationship between your keyword traffic, organic rankings, and PPC campaigns.  What's more, this helps you plan your marketing strategies as you can create reports that outline your market share for different keywords. rankranger google analytics
  • 3rd Party Integrations — As well as Google Analytics, Rank Ranger can incorporate data from other services such as Google Webmaster Tools, MajesticSEO, Ahrefs and SEOmoz providing an incredible level of detail in the reporting.

Special deal for Best Host News Readers

Editor's Note: This deal is no longer valid.

We have a special deal arranged with Rank Ranger that will allow you to monitor 50 keywords with five campaigns for just $19 a month.  

Of course, you can also sign up for a free trial here.

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