Google Launches New Webmasters Website


Google Launches New Webmasters Website

Google has just announced the launch of their brand-new webmasters website, designed to display all the most useful information clearly.

Google has just announced the launch of their brand-new webmasters website. Google spent a significant amount of time conducting user studies to fine tune the general organization of the website.

The new website is divided into four main sections:

  • Home — This points visitors to the main parts of the website, including a link to the Search Console, support area, webmaster resources and finally links to social media.
  • Support — This contains the list of most popular questions, along with links to the support areas \ topics. We will cover this in more detail shortly. It also includes the new Webmaster Troubleshooter that can help you resolve common problems.
  • Learn — This includes links to the webmaster guidelines and other useful guides.
  • Connect — This has links to social media websites, as well as the upcoming Google Webmaster Hangouts.

Let us take a look at the different areas of the website in more detail.

1. Homepage

Google Webmasters – home

The main homepage of the new Google Webmasters website very modern and has a primary focus on the Google Search Console. At the top of the page is a link to the Search Console, as well as a link to an introductory video explaining what the Search Console is:

Going further down the homepage, there are links to the other areas of the website, including Support, Learning and Social Media (including the Webmaster Central Hangouts)

2. Support Area

Get support for your site Google Webmasters – GoogleGet support for your site Google Webmasters – Google

When designing this section they have done their homework. The page is split into several sections:

Get Help Fast

The top section contains links to help with some of the most common problems users face, including:

  • I want my website to be in Google search results
  • I want my website to rank well on Google Search
  • I want Google Search to display my updated content
  • I want to block Google from showing content on my website
  • I want to remove content from Google search results
  • I want to remove a manual action on my website
  • I want to fix hacked content or malware on my website

Presumably, this is based on feedback and other metrics collected by Google.

Browse Documentation

This section has links to the following sections:

  • Search Console Help Center — This links to further resources surrounding the Search Console. It includes basic questions about what it is (including guides to various features \ reports), as well as links to further resources such as the Webmaster Academy, and SEO start guide.
  • Guidelines for your website — This contains all the resources that will help you follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines. This is a must read for anyone wanting to perform better in the search results.
  • Help for Hacked websites — Google has a comprehensive guide to helping you overcome being hacked.

Ask the Experts

This links to various places that allow you to get support or help:

  • Webmaster Help ForumThis forum has an army of community volunteers that very helpful in answering questions. Need feedback on your website? Having problems with some technical issues? No problem. Also, looking at issues other websites face, and the advice given on how to overcome them is extremely interesting and helpful.
  • Webmaster Troubleshooter — The troubleshooter is very helpful in pointing you to the right resources to fix your issue. It consists of 5-10 questions that you answer, and within a minute or two, you should (hopefully) have the answers you need. We undertook a quick test and were impressed. A screenshot of that test is below:

Webmaster Troubleshooter Search Console Help

  • Open Office Hours — If you have never watched one of the Open Office Hours hangouts, we highly recommend that you do. You can see our overview of a previous hangout to get an idea what they are like. Before the hangout, you can ask questions in chat, and then the most popular questions will be answered live on stream. Excellent place to get insights into various technical SEO matters, and how Google approaches them.

Test for Problems

Here you will find useful tools that help you to check technical matters about your website:

  • Mobile-Friendly Test — With Mobile-Friendliness now a ranking factor you can now get feedback from Google on whether your website is friendly. If not friendly, Google will explain what you need to do to make it so.
  • PageSpeed Insights — This is an excellent tool to test how fast your website is. For our commentary on how to test your website speed check here.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool — This is a great tool that will help you test your website to see if things such as rating stars, recipes or one of a large number of schema are properly implemented.

3. Learn

Learn to make great sites Google Webmasters – Google

This section contains many resources to help guide webmasters into making better websites.

Create a High-Quality Website

  • Webmaster Academy — This takes you through the whole process of building a great website, from choosing and identifying your audience, creating valuable content to organizing your website structure.
  • Webmaster Guidelines — This goes through many technical aspects of the Google guidelines, from design and content, technical and quality issues. This is essential reading for any webmaster.
  • Resources on How Google Search Works — A very simple summary of how Google discovers websites to display in their search results, and what it looks for.
  • Developer Resources — If you are looking for more technical information then this is the place.

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

  • Mobile-Friendly Test — This enables you to check if your pages meet their mobile-friendly criteria. This is very important now this is a ranking factor.
  • Mobile Guide — This has many resources on how to make your website mobile-friendly.
  • 5-Step Mobile Checklist — A quick starter guide to creating a mobile-friendly website.

Improve your search presence with SEO

  • Do you need an SEO? — This provides a useful summary of why you might wish to hire an SEO specialist to help you with your website.
  • SEO Starter Guide — This is a great starter guide to SEO that will get you to grips with all the basics. Highly recommended.

4. Connect

This section contains links to all of Google Webmasters social media, the blog, as well as upcoming events such as the Office Hours Hangouts.

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