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Has the Google Penguin update been delayed again?

Google has recently confirmed that the latest Google Penguin Update is still very much work in progress and that there are no indications available as to when it would be rolled out. This is despite an earlier statement that they were targeting the first quarter of 2016 (end of March) roll out.


Google's core algorithm testing continues

After a calm start to February with no real Google Updates or volatility in the Desktop SERPs (there was some testing specific to mobile SERPs), it looks like there were some minor algorithm changes this last weekend.


Google: Search Console ranking data anomalies explained

On today's Google Webmaster Central office-hours hangout, a question was why the Search Console will show you are ranking for a particular term, but when you search for that term in Google your website is nowhere to be seen.

education certifications

Google has no intentions to provide SEO certifications

While Google does publish detailed SEO Guidelines covering best practices for Search Engine Optimization, it doesn't at present provide any formal SEO Certification or Professional designation. In a recent Google Hangout, Google's webmaster trends analyst, Gary Illyes confirmed that they had no intention to do so.


Google boss becomes highest-paid CEO in the US

Google Boss, Sundar Pichai, has just become the highest paid CEO in the US, bringing his total holdings in Alphabet (Google's parent company) to a total of $650 million after an award of $199 million worth of shares.

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