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SSD Hosting, the abbreviated name of Solid State Drive Hosting, is web hosting that uses solid state drives for the storage of data rather than traditional Hard Disk Drives (HDD).

About SSD Cloud Hosting
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SiteGround reviews

Editor's Choice Award

When SiteGround updated their plans to their new Autoscalable cloud it was a no brainer for us to move our own website to it. If you are serious about speed, and don't want any hassle having to configure the Cloud or VPS for performance, this is the hosting for you.

Total score 9.7
Was $80
Now $72

1&1 reviews

The company provides hosting solutions to more than 11 million customers, and has 18 million websites and domain names on 70,000 servers.

Total score 10.0
Was $4.99
Now $0.00

TMDHosting reviews

Editor's Choice Award

Their Cloud Hosting is extremely competitively priced, and a great choice for the serious webmaster that prioritizes speed and performance above all else.

Total score 7.8
Now $5.85

Hostnine reviews

Hostnine Cloud on paper look good, with their great network connectivity, SSD storage and great support. Plus they support NGINX out the box. However, recent years have seen their support and reliability suffer.

Total score 4.4
Was $13.99
Now $11.20

A Small Orange reviews

On paper A Small Orange Cloud looks like a great deal, with some great features such as NGINX and SSD. However, their support and reliability is a lot to be desired.

Total score 2.5
Was $25
Now $21.25

About SSD Cloud Hosting

You will find above a list of all the hosting companies we have reviewed that offer SSD Storage for their VPS plans. Feel free to filter by Score, Price, and the many other features by using our Filter Tool in the sidebar. In some cases you may find that SSDs are only available on specific plans, so please check before purchasing.

In addition to VPS hosting, you may also wish to consider the Cloud, which to all intents and purposes is similar to a VPS. You can view a full list of Cloud Hosting reviews here, or those offering SSD hosting here.

About SSD VPS Hosting, and it's advantages:

We wrote in detail what SSD Hosting is, and their advantages, and you can read more about that in detail here. We will however, summarize the main important points, with particlar reference to VPS hosting below: