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What is Web Development?

Web development, in it’s simplest term, relates to the creation and development of a website for hosting on the internet.

This commonly refers to web engineering, design, content, client markup and coding, although professionals do not typically include the design aspects, or content, in this definition. For our purposes, we will be all-encompassing with our definition.

In addition, we will include creating websites via website-builders and content management systems (such as WordPress) even though such systems require little technical knowledge to use. This website’s focus is to help small business owners and bloggers to #MasterTheWeb, and as such we take a much wider definition than professionals.

What is a code editor?

A text editor that is designed for coding will have many additional features that help write, format and generally speed up code generation. One of the most important feature is syntax highlighting, as this adds different colors to various parts of the text to make it easier to read.

There are several choices when it comes to text editors, but there are two that we specifically recommend:

  • Atom - Atom is a relative newcomer as a text editor, but over the last year has made some significant improvements that has boosted its popularity.

  • Sublime Text - Sublime is one of the most common text editors used by professional developers. It has a range of great features that significantly speed up development time.

  • Codepen - Another alternative that you may find useful, at least in these early days of coding, is Codepen. With Codepen you can easily add your code into a browser window, and see in realtime the results. However, if you want to eventually code like a professional, we highly recommend getting used to a decent text editor, such as Atom or Sublime.

Of course, there are many other code editors you can use, including more sophisticated IDE’s, for example WebStorm or Visual Studio. If you are a beginner, Atom is great for general use. Codepen is worth checking out too, as it is more of a coding playground.