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Whether you are new to Web Development, troubleshooting, or looking for more detailed help, I hope you will find what you need to #MasterTheWeb here.

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What is Web Development?

What is a Website?

A website is a collection of web pages that are grouped together and accessed via your web browser. You are reading this text on a web page now, which is part of our website.

You access a website via an address that you type into the web browser. Our website address is www.thewebmaster.com. When you type that address in a browser it will lead you to our homepage. The address thewebmaster.com is called a Domain Name.

What is Web Development?

Web development, in it’s simplest term, relates to the creation and development of a website for hosting on the internet.

This commonly refers to web engineering, design, content, client markup and coding, although professionals do not typically include the design aspects, or content, in this definition. For our purposes, we will be all-encompassing with our definition.

In addition, we will include creating websites via website-builders and content management systems (such as WordPress) even though such systems require little technical knowledge to use. This website’s focus is to help small business owners and bloggers to #MasterTheWeb, and as such we take a much wider definition than professionals.