How to set up Email Forwarding in cPanel

A quick tutorial on How to set up cPanel Email Forwarding. This allows you to send a copy of an email address from one address to another.

cPanel email forwarding is when you copy an email received at one email address to another. An example is when you have an email sent to [email protected], but you would like that to be automatically copied to your primary email account [email protected]

Forwarders are extremely useful when you have multiple email accounts, and you want all your emails forwarded to the one email you check regularly.  Other use cases could be setting up forwarding for a business email when you are away on holiday.  This can be especially useful when used in combination with a cPanel Autoresponder.


This tutorial presumes that you have logged into cPanel and setup an email account.

Step 1 — Click on the "Forwarders" Icon

You will find the "Forwarders" icon under the Mail section within cPanel as shown edged red in the screenshot below:

Click the forwarders icon

Step 2 — To create cPanel Email Forwarding click on the "Add Forwarder" button

The next step is to create the cPanel Email Forwarder by clicking on the "Add Forwarder" button as shown edged red on the screenshot below.  We will be creating a forwarder in this part of the tutorial to forward emails from one email account to another.  Later in the tutorial, we will deal with transferring emails from the entire domain (including the default email) to another.

cPanel X - Forwarders

Step 3 — Add the cPanel Email Forwarding From and To Addresses

The next step is to add which address you wish to forward, and to where you wish it to be forwarded to.  You can do this by adding typing the email address in the top box and selecting the relevant domain from the drop down.  Then under the Destination heading you should enter the address you wish for it to be forwarded to.  These sections are shown in the screenshot below edged in red:

cpanel email forwarder add new

In the screenshot above, you can see some other options:

  • Discard with error to sender (at SMTP time) — If you wish to discard all emails sent to that account you can do so by selecting this option instead.  Also, you can enter a delivery failure message, which will be seen by the sender.
  • Advanced Options — Here you can choose to forward the email to a system account instead, or pipe the email to a program (for example support tickets), or just discard.  You can see a screenshot of the Advanced Options below:email forwarding cpanel

Step 4 — Once you have added all your settings, click "Add Forwarder."

Once you click "Add Forwarder" you will be taken to a confirmation page that confirms that "All email sent to [email protected] will now be copied to [email protected]" as shown in the screenshot below:

add forwarder

If you click the "Go Back" button, you will be taken back to the main cPanel Email Account Forwarders screen, where you will see the cPanel email forwarding has been set up.

Setting up cPanel Email Forwarding for a Domain

If you would like to set up an Email Forwarder for all email accounts in the domain, including the default catchall address, to another domain, then you can do so by clicking the "Add Domain Forwarder" instead of "Add Forwarder" in step 2 above.  If you wish to send all the emails to a single domain, you will need to set up a Default Address to the domain you wish to send it to.  See screenshot below:

cpanel email forwarding for domain

Once you click "Add Domain Forwarder" you will be able to enter a domain to send the emails to. You should enter a domain, not an email address.  See example below:

cpanel forwarder domain

You can read more about Forwarders via the cPanel documentation.

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