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How to Log Out of Your CPanel Admin Area

Jan 04, 2023
2 min read
log out of your cPanel

It is essential to log out of the cPanel Admin area when you have finished any tasks, as this notifies the server that you have completed your session.

This prevents malicious actors from accessing your cPanel account by using your computer while you are away from your desk or exploiting any session cookies.

How to log out of cPanel

You should be aware that there is no session timeout setting in cPanel, so your account will stay logged in indefinitely. Hosting providers can configure Cookie IP Validation, limiting hackers’ ability to exploit any captured cPanel session cookies. If set to “strict” validation, the cookie IP address must match the current IP address.

Cookie IP Validation does not prevent someone from using the computer after leaving it if you are at work or in a public space. If you are on shared web hosting, you cannot be sure what setting your hosting provider configured without asking them. The default setting is strict, but it is also possible that this setting is disabled.

Despite automatic session timeout being an often requested feature, it has still not been implemented. As such, it is recommended you log out manually each time you use cPanel.

Troubleshooting \ FAQs

Will cPanel log me out automatically?

No, there is no automatic session timeout. See our comments under the heading “Cookie IP Validation” above for more details.

I keep getting logged out of cPanel

As mentioned above, cPanel uses Cookie IP Validation to keep your session active. When you keep getting logged out, it is usually caused by the Cookie IP not matching your actual IP.

This may be for several reasons, including:

  • Your Internet Service Provider has a short DHCP lease time, causing your IP address to change while logged into cPanel.
  • You are attempting to log into the same account from two devices simultaneously.

Other things to check include the following:

  • The date on your computer is set incorrectly or in the future, causing the session to expire
  • Having a software/plugin/setting that blocks third-party cookies aggressively (things like anti-virus software)
  • Your browser is not set to accept cookies (browser settings)

If you have checked the above and still have this problem, the easiest way is to install a VPN so that your IP remains static during your session.