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How to Setup Email Forwarding for a Domain or Email Address in CPanel

Jan 04, 2023
4 min read
cPanel email forwarding

You can configure CPanel to forward copies of incoming emails from one address to a second email address. An example is when you have an email sent to [email protected], but you want to copy it automatically to your primary email account [email protected].

Email Forwarders are useful for many different scenarios:

  • You may have multiple email addresses but want them forwarded to the one email address you check regularly.
  • You may have used free email services in the past, like Hotmail or Gmail, but now don’t use them. You can forward any residual emails to your new email address.
  • You may want to forward all your business emails to a colleague when you are away on holiday. This is especially useful when used in combination with a cPanel Autoresponder.

When configuring your email forwarder, you can either forward all emails for your domain or a particular email address. You can add multiple forwarders for a domain to cover multiple addresses should you wish.

How to Forward All Email for a Domain in cPanel

This tutorial will show you how to set up an Email Forwarder for all email accounts on the domain, including the default catch-all address.

Unfortunately, you cannot forward messages to a specific email address. Instead, the emails are forwarded to the default email address, otherwise known as a catch-all email address.

You can find out how to configure the default address here.

Set Up cPanel Email Forwarding for a domain or multiple email addresses

Creating email forwarders for specific or multiple email addresses is similarly straightforward.

How to Delete an Email Forwarder in cPanel

You can delete a forwarder at any time for a mail account.

Unfortunately, you cannot change an existing forwarder or temporarily disable it. It must be deleted if you wish to change or stop a forwarder. You can then recreate it as required.