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TMD Hosting Pricing: Which Plan Is Best for Your Site?

Jan 04, 2023
13 min read
TMDHosting Pricing

TMD Hosting Pricing. Are their plans worth the money?

TMD Hosting offers six different types of hosting, with multiple plans and prices for each. Here’s a quick look at its cheapest hosting plans and renewal prices for each hosting type:

All Shared, Cloud, WordPress, and VPS TMD Hosting plans come with a 60-day money-back guarantee and discounts for new customers. Reseller and Dedicated Plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Save Up to 45% Off Shared Hosting + Get a Free Domain on Shared TMD Hosting

You can now save up to 45% on TMDHosting’s plans, meaning you can get its cheapest shared plan for just $2.80 per month for a 36-month subscription:

  • Shared hosting – Starter plan: $2.80 per month (usually $4.95 per month)
  • Shared hosting – Business plan: $4.70 per month (usually $7.95 per month)
  • Shared hosting – Enterprise plan: $7.55 per month (usually $12.95 per month)

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Next, we’re going to break down each hosting type one by one.

By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly which plan is best for you.

TMD Hosting Pricing: Snapshot

  • TMD Hosting’s cheapest plans are its shared hosting plans, which range from $2.95 to $7.95 per month.
  • TMD Hosting’s most expensive plans are its dedicated hosting plans, which range from $79.97 to $149.97 per month.
  • TMD Hosting’s best value plans are its Cloud and WordPress plans, which range from $5.95 to $9.95 per month.

TMD Hosting’s prices offer great value for money. In particular, their Shared, Cloud and WordPress plans are on the cheaper end of the market despite offering some really good features such as cPanel, free daily backups, and memcached instances.

When reviewing TMD Hosting it is important to look at not only the initial pricing, but also the extent of the initial discount, renewal pricing, hidden costs, and features.

TMD Hosting impressed us with how much of the standard stuff they get right. From premium support, unlimited SSD storage, daily backups, caching, and resource allocations, their plans represent excellent value for money.

To get the best value, you must pick the right plan for your needs. That’s exactly what this article is for!

Let’s get started.

TMD Hosting Pricing: How Much Does TMD Hosting Cost Per Month?

TMD Hosting offers six types of hosting: shared, Cloud, Managed WordPress, VPS, Reseller, and dedicated.

Each of these comes with its own pricing plans, and features. The more expensive the hosting, the more features and resources you get.

The table below gives you an idea of how much each hosting type costs:

Pricing PlanCheapest Plan: Discount PricePromo Code PriceCheapest Plan: Regular PriceCheapest Subscription LengthDiscount Savings Per Month
Managed WordPress$5.95$5.65$8.953636.9%

Watch Out for: Promotional Prices

Most web hosting providers offer a discounted rate for new customers, and TMD Hosting is no different. The reduced price lasts for your initial sign-up period, then renews at the regular price.

The prices you see on TMD Hosting’s website are usually for a 36-month contract, as that is the cheapest option.

VPS and Dedicated pricing is slightly different. Here the promotion only applies for the first month.

For example, TMD Hosting’s cheapest shared plan will cost $2.80 per month for the first 36 months. After the first 36 months, you’ll pay the regular price of £4.95 unless you cancel.

As a result, it can be very cost effective to move host after the promotional period to pick up a new introductory rate.

We’ll always try our best to make it clear how much you will pay at each stage of hosting.

That’s why we always list TMD Hosting’s discount prices for new customers, as well as the regular renewal cost.

As we examine each hosting plan, we’ll show you how TMD Hosting compares to our other top-rated hosts, SiteGround and Bluehost.

Later, we’ll look at any hidden charges, and what TMD Hosting includes for free.

You’ll notice in the table that each TMD Hosting plan comes with a discount, promo, and regular price. How much you save depends on the plan chosen, and the length of time you sign up for.

For the cheapest shared hosting plan, for example, you can get 43.4% off the regular monthly price when you sign up for 3 years. That’s a total saving of $77.31.

Just remember to enter one of our TMD Hosting Coupons during the checkout process.

Want to See TMD Hosting’s Plans Yourself?

You can compare TMD Hosting’s plans at your leisure on the TMD Hosting website. All plans come with a 60-day money back guarantee!

Which TMD Hosting Plan is Right For You?

Only you will have an idea of the type of hosting you need based on your website’s requirements.

For instance:

  • Does your site have a lot of user interaction, for example, forums?
  • How much disc space do you require?
  • How much traffic does your site get?
  • Are you planning on growing the website?

What we can do, though, is point you in the right direction.

The table below lists the different hosting types, along with general advice on the kind of websites they are best for and not really suitable for.

Pricing PlanBest ForNot forCheapest Monthly Price
Shared- New websites with few visitors.
- Small self-hosted websites.
- Small business websites.
- Those with a very tight budget.
- Sites with a lot of traffic.
- Ecommerce sites.
- Sites with lots of images or video.
- Forums or interactive sites.
Cloud- Established websites with many visitors.
- Medium-sized blogs, or websites.
- Smaller complex sites, such as forums.
- Anyone on a small budget.
- Larger, complex sites.
- New websites with few visitors.
- WordPress websites.
Managed WordPress- Established WordPress sites
- Medium-sized blogs or business sites
- Sites with medium traffic
- Anyone on a small budget.
- Larger, complex sites.
- New websites with few visitors.
- Non-WordPress websites.
VPS- Medium-sized & smaller ecommerce sites.
- Better security and performance.
- Medium traffic professional websites.
- More complex websites, such as forums.
- Anyone with a reasonable budget.
- New websites with few visitors.
- Small blogs or business sites.
- Sites with low traffic.
- Anyone on a small budget.
Reseller- Developers or agencies.
- Beginner Hosting Resellers.
- Those who require isolated environments.
- Sites with very low traffic.
- Anyone on a small budget.
- Those with a personal or business website.
- Non-beginner Hosting providers.
- Developers or agencies that require more control.
Dedicated- Extremely High Traffic Sites.
- Large online stores with high revenue.
- Users who require total control over the server.
- Complex sites, such as high traffic forums.
- Budget not an issue.
- Users with low technical knowledge.
- Small or medium blogs or business sites.
- Sites with very low or medium traffic.
- Anyone trying to keep costs at a reasonable level.

You should now hopefully have a good idea of the sort of hosting you require for your website.

You should strike a careful balance between price and resources. Shared, Cloud, WordPress, and VPS are all easily upgradable.

But, make sure you choose the right plan at the outset to make the most of any promotional period!

TMD Hosting Plans: Full Breakdown

Next, we’ll look at each type of hosting in more detail.

We’ll take you through the different plans and provide helpful advice on which you should choose.

TMD Hosting Plans: Shared Hosting Cost

Get shared hosting for $2.80 per month (normally $4.95), with our exclusive deal.

Expert Tip: Shared hosting is the cheapest type of web hosting plan available. It is suitable for small blogs and business websites with low traffic. TMD Hosting’s shared plans start at $2.80 per month when you sign up for three years and use our exclusive coupon code. After the first three years, the plan renews at $4.95 per month. The initial discount saves you 43.4% per month.

TMD Hosting Shared Plans

Visit TMD Hosting and browse its 3 plans.

Shared Hosting is an excellent choice if you are on a tight budget, don’t have much traffic, and don’t need many features.

Despite this, your simple site can still be optimized for performance and be just as fast as more expensive hosting, especially at a good host like TMD Hosting.

Shared hosting struggles with sites with many interactive features, such as Forums, busy WordPress sites, or sites with lots of images and videos.

What is Shared hosting?

Shared hosting is where multiple websites all share the same server and resources. If the host puts too many accounts on the same server, it can make your website feel sluggish as it competes for resources.

Technology can prevent individual accounts from using up all your allocated resources, but the host may throttle your website if you use more than you are entitled to. More expensive plans usually include more resources, thus allowing more traffic to the website. A great upgrade option as your site becomes more popular!

The higher the cost of the plan, the more resources and features. But shared hosting can only take you so far. It is only really intended for smaller blogs and business sites.

Promotion Price (inc. coupon) pm$2.80$4.70$7.55
Regular Price pm$4.95$7.95$12.95
Savings pm43.4%40.9%41.7%
No. of Websites1UnlimitedUnlimited
SSD StorageUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
Free SSL✔️✔️✔️
Free Domain✔️✔️✔️
Free CDN✔️✔️✔️
In-house Backups✔️✔️✔️
Money-back Guarantee60 days60 days60 days
Weebly Sitebuilder✔️✔️✔️

If you only need to host a single low-traffic website, the $2.80 per month Starter plan should be perfect for your needs.

Features of this plan include:

  • Free domain
  • Unlimited
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • SSD Storage
  • Free CDN
  • Free SSL certificate

Upgrading to the Business plan could provide significant performance benefits if you have a WordPress site.

Their Memcached instance on the Business plan should provide superior caching performance, so it might be worth considering.

Need more features or sites than the Basic plan? We’ll help you choose!

The Business plan is worth considering if you are looking for something a little better than the Starter plan. There is a significant jump in features, with unlimited sites, more resources, Memcache caching, and more storage space for a relatively small additional cost. This makes the Business plan a very sensible choice and should make WordPress feel more responsive.

The Enterprise plan comes with additional PHP caching in the form of Opcache, three times the resources of the Starter plan, and wildcard SSL, which makes it perfect if you have a more demanding site, and value performance over cost.

Basic Website: 12-Month Cost Breakdown

Essential costs

  • Starter shared plan – 12 months: $56.43 upfront

Free features

  • Free Domain name
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL
  • Daily Database backups \ Weekly File backups
  • Weebly Sitebuilder

Optional costs

  • Sitemap Generation: $9.99 One Time, paid upfront
  • Google Search Console Integration: $14.99 One Time, paid upfront
  • Google Analytics Integration: $15.99 One Time, paid upfront
  • Sitelock Basic: $19.95 Annually, paid upfront

Expert tip: We don’t recommend any of the optional services, especially if you’re starting a basic website. You should be able to carry out the SEO tasks for free by following basic tutorials. Sitelock basic can soon increase your monthly cost and is not really worth it, especially if you are on a budget.

Total Cost

The total amount it will cost for one year on TMD Hosting’s cheapest shared plan is $56.43, but it includes a free domain for the first year.

The optional paid features add up to $60.92, so adding them will more than double the first-year cost to $117.35.

You’d have to think very carefully about whether the extras are worth it!

TMD Hosting Shared Pricing vs Competitor Pricing

TMD HostingSiteGroundBlueHost
Promotional Price$2.80$2.99$2.95
Renewal Price$4.95$14.99$9.99
Free Domain✔️1st Year
Disk StorageUnlimited10 GB10 GB
Free SSL✔️✔️✔️

There doesn’t appear to be much difference in the promotional prices. However, the sting in the tail comes with renewal.

TMD Hosting offers excellent value, with great resource allocations, a cPanel control panel, and decent support. Their free domain also reduces the overall cost.

TMD Hosting is a great host for those looking for more affordable hosting and one we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.

Is TMD Hosting’s Shared Hosting Right for You?

Do you have a new or simple blog, personal, or business website?

Are you on a limited budget?

Does your site get relatively low levels of traffic?

If the answer to all of those is “yes, " we recommend starting out on the Starter or Business plans, depending on your needs and budget.

If you expect moderate traffic levels or have a more complex website, such as e-commerce or forum, you might want to consider Managed WordPress, Cloud, or VPS hosting. We’ll discuss those options next.

Want great cheap hosting for your site?

TMD Hosting shared hosting starts at just $2.80 per month and is ideal for small websites.

TMD Hosting Website Migration Cost

Migrating websites between hosting providers can be a costly affair. For complex sites, this can easily cost as much as $400, so choosing a host that will help you with this, either for free or as part of a paid service for complex sites, might be critical.

TMD Hosting offers a FREE site migration service, which includes your files and database.

However, you should note their terms and conditions:

The Company will make any reasonable effort to transfer The Customer’s website to its servers, however, this is provided for The Customer’s convenience only, as a courtesy service and The Company cannot make any guarantees concerning the time, availability or possibility for the account to be transferred.

If you have a particularly complex site, it is probably worth discussing migration with them before signing up.

Migrating a static or WordPress site should not be a problem. TMD Hosting typically goes out of its way to help.

TMD Hosting’s Free Web Transfer Service

Do you have a new or simple blog, personal, or business website?

TMD Hosting’s Free Site Transfer Service

Want to transfer your current site to TMD Hosting? TMD Hosting will move your entire website for you, for free!

After signing up with TMD Hosting, simply open a support ticket and request it. It’s that easy.