SiteGround Announces Massive data center Upgrade


SiteGround Announces Massive data center Upgrade

SiteGround has just announced that they are moving to a new data center, one which their data center partner SingleHop has recently completed.

SiteGround has just announced that they are moving to a new data center, one which their data center partner SingleHop has recently completed.  In fact, their data center is so new that it is currently not listed in their data center about page.

The new SingleHop data center has all the latest technologies making it well above best industry standards, which will result in:

  • Higher class network equipment giving better network speeds.
  • Better organization of SiteGround servers into private cabinets increasing connectivity and security.
  • The new data center has on-site 24/7 network operations center, which means the most senior technicians will be on standby to deal with any problems.

singlehop-siteground (imported #27995)The move to the data center may take some time to complete, with some servers being physically relocated and others transferred via moving the files.  The move of servers will be moved during the weekend at night so as to minimize disruption and users will be informed at least five days before their particular move.  It should be noted that 35 dedicated servers have already been transferred physically to the new data center.

This is not the first time SiteGround have moved data center.  In mid-2011 they moved to SingleHops brand-new facility in Chicago (they now have 3, and this was their new no. 2 data center at the time). SiteGround wrote at that time a detailed post about the reasoning and features of that data center, which even by today's standards is still very impressive.  From this previous post it is clear that SiteGround uses their influence and purchasing power to negotiate specific contractual terms with the data center to ensure the highest reliability, including:

  • Custom tests are run on all hardware by SingleHop, before being handed over to SiteGround (who then run more tests).
  • Spare parts are kept on site for every single piece of hardware used by the SiteGround servers.
  • An empty spare server is kept ready to restore any server's data at a moment's notice in case any server cannot be repaired.
  • Only senior data center technicians are allowed to work on the SiteGround servers, meaning mistakes errors are less likely to occur.

But wait?  Does SiteGround not own their data center?

It is relatively rare for a hosting company actually to own their data center.  In fact, even large hosts will either rent their servers from the data center or purchase the hardware which is then sent to the data center. In both cases, it is often the data center staff who will set up and maintain the equipment, and of course manage the Network infrastructure.

Just imagine a host that offers hosting servers in multiple countries, including various locations around the US.  It is just not practical in most cases for a host to have that kind of expenditure.  Some of the larger hosts (such as those owned by EIG. i.e. Hostgator Bluehost, etc.) own their data centers, but from what we have seen the reliability is lower than a host that uses a specialist data center provider.  Knowing that SiteGround uses SingleHop has instantly put SingleHop as high on our recommended list as we know from experience how reliable SiteGround servers are.

A little about SingleHop data centers

While the  SingleHop data center page has not been updated as of yet with details of the new Chicago data center there are some standard features that are common to all of their data centers:

  1. Physical Security — All their data centers feature a broad range of security measures including security guards, biometric access control, man-traps, CCTV, access control systems, locking cabinets, etc.  Note that SiteGround will have their own private cabinets for greater security.
  2. Enterprise-class electrical systems — All facilities include redundant electrical systems which are often located on backup power grids featuring generators backed with enterprise-class UPS technology.
  3. Advanced environmental controls — All facilities feature advanced technologies for environmental control, including both cooling and humidity.

The image at the top of this page, is their old data center, as SingleHop has not released up to date images yet of the latest one.

Final Thoughts

It is clear that SiteGround has a focus on reliability when choosing their data center partner and locations, and this is clearly evident on their insanely impressive uptime figures.

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